What do you mark Arsenal out of 10 after 10 games?

We are 10 games into the 2021/22 season.

Arsenal sit 6th (at the time of writing; prior to Wolves v Everton). So what do we all give the team for the first 10 games of the season?

I asked the question in a WhatsApp group earlier and the most common response was “7”. And it is a figure I agree with.

We started the season in dissapointing fashion, beaten 2-0 to Brentford on the first day of the season.

Whilst the result was dissapointing, we were suffering from Covid issues and up against a side back in top flight football for the first time since 1946.

Those two factors led to Arsenal being well below par and Brentford playing out of their skins.

Next up was Chelsea at home where we were taking apart by Romelu Lukaku and a dismantling with 10-men by Manchester City.

0 points from 3 games. Bottom of the league. Not a single goal scored.

We would have been marked as 0 out of 10 after those first 3 games.

Narrow victories against Norwich City and Burnley followed as Arteta attmepted to rebuild the sides confidence following that horrendous start. 2/10 after 5 games.

That was followed by the mauling of Tottenham before a bore draw in the ice cold rain against Brighton. At this point I would mark us 4.5 out of 10. The Spurs victory worth 2 marks alone (Brighton a half mark).

We snatched a draw from a defeat against Crystal Palace which saw us site mid-table. You would struggle to find anyone that would mark us more than 5 out of 10 at this pointt.

Then came a victory at home against Aston Villa before the weekends terrific performance away to Leicester City.

It was not just the 6 points that we got in those 2 games but also the actual performances.

So after 10 games I mark us 7 out of 10.

The highs of Tottenham, Aston Villa and Leicester; the low of Brentford. And the reminder against Brighton and Crystal Palace that there is still plenty of work to do.

We are in the race for top 4; which was the minimum requirement for mostg before the season began.

New signings are working out, young players continuing to develop. And the older gaurd seem to have upped their game in recent weeks.

We will have more dips as the season goes on, but my prediction for our final league position? 4th.



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