Fenerbache behaviour shows Mesut Ozil has always been the problem

Maybe it actually was Mesut Ozil who was the problem?

His defenders attacked Unai Emery, attacked Mikel Arteta, attacked Arsenal Football Club.

They tried to make links between Ozil’s comments on the treatmen of Uyghurs Muslim’s in China. They attempted to paint Ozil as some sort of victim after his huge drop in form follwing the signing of his new £350k a week contract.

The German got a “dream” move To Fenerbache – the club he supported as a child in January this year. It was supposed to be a new start. A chance for him to show his detractors that they were wrong. That he was not the issue.

You only really know if the issue was actually a players own attitude if he leaves and history repeats itself. And that is what is happening with Ozil.

Since joining Fenerbache, Ozil has been a bit-part player. He has started just 4 of their 12 Turksih Super Lig games this season.

In recent weeks there have been a couple of on-field showings of petulance for Ozil, highlighting that all might not be rosey in the country of his ancestors.

When he failed to be gouth on as a substitute in a game against Kasimpasa in October, Ozil threw his training vest in the direction of Fenerbache manager Vítor Pereira.

Though it’s not known whether or not the pair have a fractious relationship, Ozil did little to endear himself to his manager at the beginning of October when he seemingly launched his training bib in his direction after failing to come on as a substitute against Kasimpasa.

A few weeks later he kicked over water bottles and threw his shirt on the floor in disgust after being substituted after 66 minutes in a 2-2 draw with Antwerp in the Europa League.

Yesterday, speaking to Fenerbahce TV, club president Ali Koc addressed the Ozil issue:

“Ozil wants to play more. From now on, he needs to focus on his game and keep his commercial interests out of it. He needs to think about contributing to Fenerbahce.”

Whilst at Arsenal, his extracurricular activites became a frustration for the club.

The feeling was Ozil was all about promoting Ozil. That he was not a team player. We saw this come across on social media many times. That he was more focused on harnessing and interacting with own his fan base even if it meant going against his employer.

And the same it seems is happening at Fenerbache.

Koc is suggesting that Ozil needs to focus on performing on the pitch rather than being worried about projects away from football.

Ozil is a huge brand in himself. But he is not bigger than the clubs he plays for.

He is 33-years-old and his career is coming to an end. No one will realyl care about him, or talk about him, when he retires. He has left no legacy in the game.

Ozil had issues in the German national set up. He had problems at Arsenal. He is now having issues at Fenerbache.

It is becoming clear and obvious that it is Ozil that is the issue. He is not the victim.



4 thoughts on “Fenerbache behaviour shows Mesut Ozil has always been the problem

  1. Johnno

    The problem with Ozil is that he has no character. Like so many people these days, he`s a professional victim who looks to blame others because it`s easier to do that than come to terms with his own character flaws. One of the most technically gifted players to have worn Red & White but an absolutely gutless coward. Should have been bombed out our club years ago. One of the main reasons I have so much faith in Arteta is his treatment of Ozil, you cannot build team spirit with people like him at the club. Imagine the likes of ESR and Saka looking to him for guidance or inspiration? You`d have no fucking chance.


    1. M

      Saka and ESR did look to him for inspiration. Get your facts straight. He has done very well for Fener when on the pitch. Look at his stats when he is on.



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