3 Arsenal Academy Starters, 3 Arsenal Academy goal scorers

Last night was the first time in history that 3 players to have been in Arsenal’s youth system scored in the same game for England

It was also the first time since 1988 that Arsenal had the youth team products play for England.

Games like yesterday really are pointless. they help no one.

San Marino get thrashed again, some players get a few goals to their name, and everyone goes home safely.

It is probably time UEFA and FIFA introduced pre-qualifying to their competitions.

Anyway, well done to Saka and Smith Rowe for scoring and to Aaron Ramsdale for keeping a clean sheet.

All a bit pointless really.



3 thoughts on “3 Arsenal Academy Starters, 3 Arsenal Academy goal scorers

    1. Alex

      How about think before you post? Aaron didn’t score . The total number of goals scored by Arsenal Academy players last night was six …



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