Midweek boredom with no European football

I usually try and write a blog most days, although I do avoid writing if I do not have much to say.

The lack of European football this year for us has made it really hard to write anything mid week.

On a Monday I would usually share my views on the weekends game (or it would be a match report if we played Sunday).

Then I would share my thoughts on the upcoming European game. We would then have a match report the day after the game.

With no European football, we lose those two natural opportunities to write about The Arsenal.

As we do not overly get involved in the clickbait transfer rumours, it has left us very little to say during the week.

And I am sure we are all feeling the same across social media and in pubs. Bored


The day of a game would be awash with people discussing it, and the day after dissecting the performance. No European football has left us all with very little to talk about.

Luckily this week we had #SingYourDialect to entertain us. If you have no idea what it is, get on the hashtag on Twitter.

The funny thing is, like football, it began as something started by the normal folk, and ende dup being robbed by the “rich” (or on Twitter, blue ticks).

It became huge the first night as normal lads who can not sing belted out Adele at the top of their voices. But as the Twitter Space grew, more and more blue tick accounts and wannabe singers tried to exploit the situation and ended up taking over.

Instead of just hearing a lad or lass having a bit of fan, we had companies using it to promote themselves and wannabe recording artists using it as an opportunity to garner attention.

It kind of sums up the way of the world.

The working class make something popular, then the rich and influential get invovled, take over and alienate those that started it. It is exactly what has happened to football.

By now we all would have seen those eye watering new ticket prices for Chelsea’s West Stand.

Chelsea are becoming the destination for tourist fans.

Their success over the last decade and their closeness to the West End make them an ideal day out for those visiting London. It is those fans that the new West Stand is targetting. Fans who will happily pay £200 to see Chelsea play once.

Saturday 12:30 we play Newcastle at home. A horrid kick off time for their fans.

To get to Kings Cross for around 11am they will need to get the 6:30 out of Newcastle. It really is not fair on their travelling fans..

Their last away game was to Brighton – a 5.30pm kick off with zero chance of getting home.

I have ranted so many times on this blog about the TV companies and how they do not give a toss about travelling fans. We are the heartbeat of football. and if it was not for us train companies would probably go bust due to the lack of weekend travellers.

Anyway, enjoy your Thursday.



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