Danny Mills did not claim Aubameyang ‘slapped Arteta in the face’

I would not normally come to Danny Mills’s defence. He is a poor pundit and very bitter about Arsenal.

But Football365, a once well-respected and football website needs to hang its head in shame.

On Sunday, one of its so called ‘journalists’ Joe Williams wrote and article over what Danny Mills said in an interview with Football Insider.

That article was then assigned a headline by an editor or sub editor (at publications the journalist writing the article usually does not write the headline).

This headline read:

Pundit claims Arsenal start Aubameyang ‘slapped Arteta in the face’

But Mills did not say that.

So what did he say?

Slapping someone in the face is an idiom. It means (according to the Oxford Languages) “an unexpected rejection or affront.”

It is a well used idiom in the English language. One many of you reading would have used in the past.

Aubameyang’s behaviour was a slap in the face for Arteta after the chances he had given them.

It is gutter press at its worst. A fabricated headline taking what was said out of context for hits and clicks regardless of what damage it causes.

This situation highlights the problem with fake news – both in football and beyond.

It is more important to be “fast” rather than correct. Headlines without reading the data.

We live in a media world driven by how many clicks an article gets (which lead to advertising revenue) rather than driven by the accuracy of an article.

At time, the media attempt to create the news rather than report.

The screenshot of the headline went viral. Passed “many times” through WhatsApp groups. But how many times were the actual Mills quotes passed on? How many took the time to see if the headline was correct.

It too kmy 30s to read the original quotes and debunk the headline. Sadly thousands more, maybe even millions, would not have taken that time. And like that, the news that Aubameyang slapped Arteta has become real.

I am sure other Arsenal blogs, vlogs and social media idiots will repeat the live over the next 24 hours. They will do so because again, they need the advertising revenue or attention. They will not take a moment to publish the truth.

I have done that. Published the truth.

As I said, I am not Mills’ biggest fan. But he should sue Football365.



2 thoughts on “Danny Mills did not claim Aubameyang ‘slapped Arteta in the face’

  1. Steve

    Quite possibly someone originating from a foreign land has written the article and another has added the headline?

    However unlikely that may be, people not fully up to speed with English sayings and idioms take what we say as it reads and don’t always get the jist of what’s actually being said?

    You’re right though the fact it was still published even though completely false happens far too often, which then gets the tiniest apology going, usually an apology no one sees or pays attention to.


  2. Ukaz George

    The truth is not what they said about Arsenal football club that matters but all I know there are gang up against Arsenal since the invisible but that not with standing they are trying there best imagined our opening three matches this season we were depleted because of corona virus and some serious injury to our players yet the English premiership did not postpone the matches but this last week they are postponing matches based on corona virus is the football law change for certain clubs and stands for certain clubs what is the problem that spurs are not playing there games can we know why others have been playing even those playing champion league have played there matches this the way England favor most of the clubs they are interested on let them stop fixing matches where on earth super computer predicted matches and it stands something that operated by human being it not what he operates that will stand please stop deceiving that world



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