Merry Christmas

Strange old year.

I made a decision to quit Twitter a year ago. It has just become an ugly place.

Too much racism, too much abuse. Too many people that would call up your employer just because you dared calling them out or exposing their hypocrisy.

Life is better without it.

A lot has happened with me over the last 12 months. Stuff I might go into one day. But not now.

I have always written this blog for me. Written is cathartic. If people read my blogs, like them, that is a bonus. It has never been a job. I have never wanted it to be.

Last Christmas was a tough one with lockdowns, no football and social bubbles. 12 months on it feels like not much has changed.

It has been tough but I am not complaining. I have a roof over my head and loving family. Others are not so lucky.

So this Christmas spare a thought about those jo longer with us. I think of Danny Bailey almost every time Arsenal are on. It still saddens me that I won’t see him on an away concourse again.

So have a good Christmas. Thank you to everyone that has shared, RTd or liked my articles.

See you on the other side.



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