Should the January transfer window be scrapped?

Morning all.

Today is a regular work day in case you did not realise. Christmas is over.

A quick hats off to all those that work in retail and hospitality. Whilst the rest of us are posting up pictures of our 4th day eating left overs, still on the booze or our Christmas bargains, they are dragging themselves into work. they are the true heroes of Christmas.

I should not have actually been writing a blog today. It should have been a match report. But yesterday’s game against Wolves was cancelled and it still rankles we me. Ruined my Christmas.

Arsenal have basically had a game cancelled because Wolves decided to not have enough senior players.

Not only have they only named a 21-man List A squad, they have only used 18 players this season – the least of any Premier League side.

They have sacrificed squad depth for quality; deciding to spend their wage budget on 18-21 players rather than 25-28.

They are happy to gain the advantages of having a smaller squad – IE the quality – but when they have players out injured their lack of squad should become a disadvantage. Instead they have the game cancelled.

It will be interesting to see what they do in the FA Cup against Sheffield United.

Will they put out their strongest 11? A side selected from that core of 18 they have used this season? Or will they look to their List B and play a load of youngers. Those same youngsters they claimed were not ready for first team football which resulted in their game against us being cancelled.

I think we all know what they are going to do…

There is also a debate to be had about the vaildity of the January transfer window.

Arsene Wenger once said that the summer transfer window should slam shut on the eve of the new season and there should be no January window.

That philosphy makes it “fair for all” as you have to play every side home and away picking from the same group of players.

Wolves will now be able to face Arsenal with potential new signings that were not available to them for the original game.

Likewise you look at someone like Tottenham who have had 3 games postponed, they will now be able to play those games with any new January signings.

Should they scrap the January window and you have to play with the cards you dealt yourself for the entire season? It is certainly a debate to be had.

Anyway, enjoy your Wednesday. Whether you are working or still digging into cheese and biscuits.



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