Revisionism of Adebayor’s exit is a lazy attempt to subtly label Arsenal fans as racist

Morning all.

We enter the “winter break” and no football until the 10th of February. what a waste of tiem.

Most clubs have flown out to do some warm weather training and will have at least one friendly game. Arsenal are in Dubai and will face Reading – minus Pierre-Emerick Aubemayang.

The Auba saga took another twist this week as Emmanuel Adebayor had his say.

Now normally I would have no interest in what someone like Adebayor says. He spends a lot of time talking about Arsenal; a club he openly hates. But this time was different.

Journalists have gone out of their way to link Adebayor’s exit to Auba’s current situation at Arsenal.

It is simply a lazy attempt to subtly paint Arsenal fans as racists where African players are not accepted. This could not be further from the truth.

Adebayor’s exit from Arsenal seems to have been re-written by non-Arsenal fans who were still at school when he left for Manchester City in 2009.

He left for one reason and one reason only. Money. Arsenal fans recognised the greed and let him know.

Players leaving for money happens almost all the time, and every player is usually abused on their return to the club. To try and paint the abuse from Arsenal fans as rasicsm is laughable.

Robin van Persie got it much worse when he joined Manchester United. As did Ashley Cole.

The racist aspect seemts to come from a song about Adebayor’s family. Was it distasteful? Yes. But no more distatesful than fans singing about Posh and Becks.

It was originally a Tottenham song. Sung loudly at White Hart Lane. It seems to only become racist in the eyes on the media when Arsenal began singing it.

It is like those songs Manchester United and Spurs sung about Arsene Wenger. The press turned a blind eye to them.

If the song was not deemed racist when sung by Spurs fans; why was it racist when sung by Arsenal?

Now lets look at Adebayor’s behaviour facing Arsenal for Manchester City.

He kicked van Persie in the face – an incident the referee missed but he was given a 3 game ban for.

Adebayor than ran the full length of the pitch to the Arsenal supporters and celebrating his goal in front of them. Bottles and plastic chairs were thrown at him.

He goaded the crowd. The crowd responded. Then he tried to paint himself as a victim.

Later in the game he also stamped on Cesc Fabregas – once more missed by the referee.

Throughout the game he was trying to wind up Arsenal fans and take out his anger on former team mates. Yet he blames everyone but himself.

After his big money move to Man City ended in failure – he started just 27 Premier League games – he joined Tottenham.

In 2012, Adebayor scored an early goal for Tottenham in a North London derby to put them 1–0 up. Seven minutes he was sent off for a crude challenge on Santi Cazorla.

For whatever reason, Adebayor had built up a hatred of Arsenal. Maybe it was hateed of himself. That he had left a good thing to chase the money at Man City; and his career then flopped going from Tottenham to Crystal Palace, İstanbul Başakşehir, Kayserispor and Olimpia.

No. I have no idea who they are either.

When he first left Arsenal, there was the usual “he has gone for the money” abuse from Arsenal fans. But it was his behaviour for Manchester City and Tottenham that fueled the hatred in the relationship.

If Adebayor wants to blame anyone for the way Arsenal fans treated him, he should blame himself. And he knows this which is why he keeps talkign about us.

For him to speak out about the treatment of Auba is laughable. The situations are completely different.

One player left for money and then attempted to wind up Arsenal fans at every opportunity. The other clearly has no interest in playing football anymore and has had disciplinary problems at every club he has played for.

The fact journalists are twisting this to paint Arsenal as some sort of race filled club is horrendous.

Anyone that has followed Arsenal for more than 5 minutes will know our history of combating racism in the 70s and 80s and acceptance of black players whilst other clubs didn’t.

Maybe those journalists trying to say Arsenal is not a good place for an African player to join should speak to Kanu, Lauren or Patrick Vieira. I am sure they would give a very different narrative to Adebayor.

Emmanuel Adebayor is filled with hatred. He is clearly filled with self-loathing and should not be given air time.

Adebayor lit a fire, then cried the house burned down.



10 thoughts on “Revisionism of Adebayor’s exit is a lazy attempt to subtly label Arsenal fans as racist

  1. TA6

    Arsenal fans aren’t racist. Anyone who knows about the history of our fanbase will know in the 80s Dainton who was a black gooner, pushed back against right wing elements that were trying to infiltrate the club. All fans respected him. Fast forward to today, and every home game listen to the applause from Arsenal fans when the knee is taken. It is easily the loudest in the PL and a reflection of our diversity and inclusiveness.


      1. Dan

        Wow. Way to announce your racist beliefs and projecting it on another. You don’t even know what Marxism is and I bet you are wearing your Nazi memorabilia as you typed that. Must be hard going out in public now that it has become so diverse, you pathetic limp dick. I bet your wife has jungle fever lol

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kris

    Apart from the Togolese, when he played for their country, most Africans did not like Adebayor. He had potential, but regardless of what team we supported, we were embarrassed by his anti football antics, off and on the field.


  3. 5ringsoflife

    As a Nigerian supporter of Arsenal since 1971 I can say Adebayor is speaking complete rubbish. Adebayor had problems even with countries FA. For a while he even shunned his own family members claiming they were putting the hex on him – this accounting for his declining performance. He is a disturbed man who realizes that he could have been more at Arsenal but also refused to take responsibility for his own decision to follow the money.


  4. allezkev

    I could be wrong but I believe that Arsenal are one of, if not the biggest club in Nigeria with a huge fan base of passionate fans, would they follow a racist club?
    I don’t think so…

    Emma Smith was a nobody until she wrote this patchwork of ill informed lies, well Emma we all know you now and we also all know you are a dishonest, mendacious hack.
    Now go away…

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