Quiet day expected in the transfer window

It was supposed to be a quiet weekend without top flight football. And then the Mason Greenwood news broke.

The pictures and voice note are disgusting. But now a legal process is underway so my advice to everyone is keep your views private and let that process happen.

That is not me defending what happened or trying to brush the incident under the carpet. It is my with my legal background advising everyone to keep their counsel.

In actual football news, Newcastle confirmed the signing of Bruno Guimarães on Sunday.

He released his own minute long video, which was very strange.

One third of the video was dedicated to The Arsenal.

My theory is the first part of the video was because he expected (or hoped) to join Arsenal. When that deal did not materialise, his PR team kept that “slide” in an attempt to roll Arsenal.

If worked to an extent, but mainly consisted of Arsenal fans laughing at Guimarães and Newcastle.

The situation reminds me of Aston Villa in the summer.

Having signed “Arsenal’s best keeper”, Villa then “beat” us to Emi Buendia and were about to sign Emile Smith Rowe.

Villa fans used this, and their owners net worth, to try and paint a picture that they were a force to be reckoned with. That they were a better option for players than Arsenal and would be challenging for Europe this season.

The reality was Villa’s transfer window was funded by selling their best player and they currently site 11th.

Newcastle fans believe that signing Guimarães ahead of Arsenal is an indication that they are now a top Premier League club. They are 18th in the league.

Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United all need reinforcements in midfield. All turned down the chance to sign Guimarães.

The Brazilian has been on Arsenal’s radar for a few years – prior to him joining Lyon. If Edu wanted him, he would be an Arsenal player.

There is a reason why at 24-years-old he has just 3 caps in the worst Brazil team I have ever seen.

Tim Vickery – whose job is to actually watch South American football – describes Guimarães as a sideways passer who crumbles under pressure.

He seems to have become a favourite of the Twitter scouts after being fantastic on Football Manager a few years ago. I would rather listen to Vickery.

When you consider Newcastle’s other signings have been Chris Wood, Kieran Trippier and Dan Burn (pending), I do not really understand their excitement this transfer window.

Had Mike Ashley signed those 3 players they would be crying into their Brown Ale.

Clearly Guimarães is using Newcastle as a stepping stone. Probably hoping that a good 18 months might see an Arsenal or Manchester United. Time will tell.

It is transfer deadline day and I would still be very surprised if Arsenal sign anyone.

The Alexander Isak talk seems to be based on misinformation. The number plate doing the rounds was apparently owned by a luxury hire company; with pictures dating back to 2018.

Why this car was pictured in and around the Emirates Stadium is anyone’s guess. There is also no proof that the pictures floating about were from this weekend.

Chances are Isak was just in London along with Adnan Januzaj whilst La Liga was on a break.

Ultimately, like we saw with Calum Chambers departure, no one on Twitter knows what is going on.

Let’s sit back and see what happens today….



1 thought on “Quiet day expected in the transfer window

  1. Johnno

    Hard to have any sympathy for Greenwood’s victim (if that’s what she is).
    All part of living in a diverse society. I think they call it cultural enrichment.



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