Arsenal in need of a BIG win

Morning all and welcome to the start of another week.

Arsenal’s fantastic weekend did joy quote come off as Tottenham thrashed Newcastle United.

We all probably got a little excited when Newcastle went 1-nil up. Not so much excitement as Tottenham hit 5.

The big win for Spurs not only took them above us, but also saw them take the lead in goal difference.

It is going to be tight in the race for the top 4 and it could come down to GD.

Whilst we have dominated games recently, we have not really had a “big win” in 2022.

Victory over Leicester City was the first time this calendar year that we won a league game by more than a single goal.

Meanwhile Tottenham hit 4 against Leeds, 5 against Everton and another 5 against Newcastle yesterday. Those wins have seen them quickly turnover a negative goal difference into a +13.

We are level on points as it stands, with two games in hand.

The goal is to keep winning. And if all goes well the rearranged game at White Hart Lane will not be crucial.

There is a niggling doubt that we will go into the penultimate game of the season 3 points ahead, but with a worse goal difference. It will make it a “winner takes all” game.

The only silver lining of yesterdays result is Newcastle’s capitulation.

Now they are close to safety, their players heads may well turn towards the beach. If that happens, the visit to St James Park is not as daunting.

The same goes for tonight’s game against Crystal Palace and the trip to Southampton.

As these teams have less to play for, the intensity in their play will decrease.

Six wins in the last 10 games should be enough. We will need to win at least two of our tricky aways.

Up the arse.



3 thoughts on “Arsenal in need of a BIG win

  1. Johnno

    Be happy to grind out another 1 niller tonight. Got to get at least 7 points from these next 3 games and I think Palace will be the toughest of the 3. The Kangas are hitting form at a good time but we`ve just got to concentrate on our own games and keep sickening the cunts by winning. I`m not going to worry myself about Goal difference at this stage, highly unlikely that`ll come down to that and looking at the fixtures, can`t see us bashing up too many of the teams we`ve got left to play. Lets just keep it tight and focus on getting as many clean sheets as possible and I reckon we`ll be alright.
    I actually think we deserve top 4 this year, we`ve been easily the 4th best TEAM in the country in my opinion. Utd and the Kangas have more match winners or players who are in their prime but we`ve been the best coached and have the greater togetherness. And we`ve got a lot of players ourselves who have the potential to become consistent match winners over the next few years.
    Whatever happens, I`m really happy with what I`m seeing and think we`re only heading upwards.
    As you say,
    Up the Arse.


    1. Stephen Connolly

      I agree that this should he the hardest game tonight and a scrappy win be more than acceptable. We have the possibility to be 6 points clear by the time spuds play at villa so we need to pile on the pressure because with the remaining games there will be some ups and downs but we got this COYG



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