Emery was always a good manager – But Arsenal were right to replace him

Morning all.

Everything feels a little flat in Arsenal world. A little lacking in energy.

Probably a mixture of our poor form, no mid-week football and the impending easter weekend. Anyway.

Last night we saw Unai Emery’s Villarreal knock out Bayern Munich.

Emery was never a poor manager. He was in fact my number one choice to replace Arsene Wenger. He ended up just being the wrong man for Arsenal.

In the game we love, it is important to not lose the dressing room – and that goes for any job as well; lose the office and your time as manager is over. Emery lost the dressing room at Arsenal.

Whereas Mikel Arteta stood up to the troublesome players and eventually shipped them out, Emery was unable to do so. Whether this was because he did not have it in his character or had no backing from the senior leadership team above him.

When he was let go on 29th November, Arsenal had just lost at home to Eintracht Frankfurt and won just 4 of our opening 13 games. We were playing without a plan and were sinking fast.

Emery will go on to achieve fantastic things in football. He already has a medal cabinet that rivals most managers across Europe. But it just did not work out for him at Arsenal.

I will never understand why fans spend so much energy on former players and a managers.

Every time one of them does something remotely good, they are on social media pushing their depressing agenda. It must be so tiring for them having that mind set 24/7.

Concentrate on supporting the players and management at Arsenal. Put your energy into being positive and happy. Focusing on others will only get your down.

Talking about backing our players, there is a really good interview with Granit Xhaka set to come out.

I have always been a Xhaka fan and feel he gets an unfair deal from Arsenal fans.

He talks about wanting to stay at Arsenal “until he wins something special”.

He has shown this season his commitment to the team and ability on the pitch.

Playing in an advanced position, he has not let us down this season.

Were Xhaka to stay, I would not be upset.

I would still like us to sign someone additional as we need to replace Mohamed Elneny and with European football in our grasp we will need a deeper squad.

Youri Tielemans will still be my choice as that would give us the option of playing someone more attacking in midfield to Xhaka in some games.

Tielemans would also be the cover and competition for Martin Odergaard.

Final thought on Emery, it would not be a surprise to see him get another chance at a top club soon. Probably Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Anyway, enjoy your Wednesday!



1 thought on “Emery was always a good manager – But Arsenal were right to replace him

  1. Johnno

    Totally agree. Emery is obviously a top manager, you don`t build up a CV like his unless you`re good at what you do but he wasn`t the right fit for us. People forget how bad we were the season he got the bullet, we were actually lucky to have as many points as we had and I`ve no doubt that we`d have finished in the bottom 6 had he stayed. Our luck would have eventually run out. Every game we played was like shooting practice for the opposition, we were giving up 25 – 30 shots on goal every match.
    Emery had become a figure of fun and there was definitely communication problems there. I didn`t like the way some of our “fans” treated him but the same cunts who sniggered at him back then are now using his exploits at Villareal to pop Arteta. Unfortunately, The Arse have attracted a lot of cunts like that over the last 15+ years, I think it was you who said that they`d rather get a few extra followers online than see the club do well. That`s spot on as well.
    As for Xhaka, hope he stays. The geezer is criminally underrated but we`re going to have to bring in serious competition in that area of the park, we`re so light in there it`s unbelievable. I`d say we need another top notch midfielder nearly as much as we need a top notch striker. You`re always going to struggle at the business end of a season if you`re light in key areas of the pitch. Last summer was a good transfer window for us, this summer will have to be even better.

    Up The Arse.



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