Tottenham are on the brink of crisis

Do not let whatever happens over the next 5 days confuse you. Tottenham Hotspur are very much a team on the brink of crisis.

Even if they finish 4th, and Arsenal 5th, the pendulum has swung back to the red side of North London (it never really swung away in reality).

Whilst top 4 was not Arsenal’s everything this season, Spurs have shown in recent weeks just how important it was to them. And that is because the club and their fans know they are on the brink of collapse.

Arsenal are a team that are building something special.

The youngest squad in the league, the youngest manager, and a senior leadership team focused on building something very special.

Meanwhile, at Tottenham, a top 4 finish will be papering over some ever widening cracks.

So what are the issues Tottenham face?

Conte Complains

I had to laugh last week when the media went hard against Mikel Arteta questioning the refereeing decisions after the North London Derby.

They tried to paint Arteta as someone that always complains when things do go well. The reality is it is Conte who has non-stop complained since he has been in Edmonton.

Conte has continually threatened to quit in post-match interviews after every Tottenham failure to win.

You feel Conte already has one foot out the door and is just waiting for the next job offer to come.

Conte will jump the sinking ship at the first opportunity next season.

Ageing Squad

This is a Tottenham squad at the peak of its powers.

By the time we kick off for the new season, Son will be 30 and Harry Kane 29.

Whilst they both have a few seasons left in the tank, they perhaps have no more than 2 or 3 seasons left playing at this high level.

Hugo Lloris, at 35-years-old, is also very much in the last knockings of his career.Do

Too long Spurs have relied on the same three men. Without them they are mid-table.

Tottenham will need to replace all 3 over the next few years, but with a new stadium to pay for it is unlikely they will be able to afford to replace them with similar quality.

This Tottenham squad have peaked.

No Money

Covid hit Tottenham more than most due to the cost of repaying their stadium. This resulted in them looking at alternative ways to finance transfer deals.

In Dejan Kulusevski and Cristian Romero they secured two very good, young players. But both came in on loan with obligations / options to buy.

With both, they basically “kicked the debt down the road.

This summer they will have to spend around €50million to secure the services of Romero on a permanent basis.

They will also have to pay €30million if they choose to make the Kulusevski deal permanent (rising to €40m if they choose to wait another 12 months).

Taking into account their financial struggles, to pay out upwards of €80million over the next 12 months to secure two players currently at the club is huge.

After they have paid for these two players, the probably won’t have much left to further improve their squad.

Unless they sell big (Harry Kane, Son), they will probably have to continue to try on loan deals to strengthen the squad.

And all that does is kick more debt down the road which will give them even less money to finance replacements for their ageing stars.

No Trophies

Tottenham fans are only deluding themselves when they talk about how they do not care about not winning a trophy for 14 years.

This is just a defensive mechanism, a barrier put up by their fans to hide the hurt.

The reality is they have had the best squad of players for decades and are still trophyless.

You see those on social media talking about Son and Kane being the best attacking duo the Premier League has ever seen. Yet they have won 0 trophies out of a possible 28.

For clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea, the primary goal is to win trophies. For Tottenham it seems the sole goal is to finish above The Arsenal.

No trophies, no funds for transfers, ageing stars and a manager who wants out.

Spurs are on brink of a crisis.



50 thoughts on “Tottenham are on the brink of crisis

  1. Mind the gap

    Romero 24
    Dier 28
    Reguillon 25
    Royal 23
    Hojberg 26
    Kulusevski 22
    sessengyon 22
    Bentacur 24
    Skipp 21
    Yeah these starting players are ageing. Kane and son 29. Another 5 years left in each of these. So yeah we are papering over massive cracks. And if we get CL. Guaranteed you will be picking through the leftovers from the top 4 teams as well as Man United.


    1. Harryflash

      Other then Bentancur and Romero the rest are a but rubbish tbh…! I think the point he’s making is without Son, Kane and Loris you would be mid table and all 3 are over 30 and will be hard to replace. I don’t see Winks stepping up to score 30 a season do you?


      1. Big Mal

        But they do play for Tottenham so what’s your point. Son and Kane could play for another 10 years like Sherrinham and Giggs and certainly have many years left. What’s more Tottenham could actually sign replacements especially with the revenue they are generating. Better to be thought a fool than prove it


  2. Stew

    Great article….oh, apart from you’re only projecting your Gooner-based wishful thinking & fabricated nonsense.
    The mighty Arse-nal, great club up to when Wenger left & yes, THFC were in their shadow for 21 years, far too long BUT, come on face the truth, THFC by their final league position have finished above the mighty Arse-nal for 6 seasons!
    & finally, there are 3 or 4 great young players at Arse-nal, but let’s be honest, there are some players there that are NOT and NEVER would be the quality of player (like Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Viera, Adams, Wright, etc, etc) that should be pulling on an Arse-nal shirt!


    1. HarryFlash

      Still not won any trophys though have you 😂 unless finishing above a rebuilding side for 6 years is one?? 🤪


      1. A Spurs Fan

        “A rebuilding side for six years” 😂😂😂😂😂I’ve heard it all now. Which fan would believe their side goes through a six year rebuild???

        Stay in school. You’ll need it.


      2. Big Mal

        Harry – stop it now. I know you are hurting and also very young but you’re not doing yourself any favours. When does this 6 years rebuilding come to fruition? There has been absolutely zero improvement this season


    2. 60 Years & Counting

      Making the word “Arse” out of the word “Arsenal” by placing a hyphen in the middle.

      Originality your forte is it?


  3. Gio

    Ageing squad? i would say at its peak right now. No money, well Champions league will pay an awful lot more then europa league. Sounds like sour grapes to me……very sour
    But lets talk about arsenal shall we. They have to spend big to stay at the same level. Aubameyang, Lacazette and Nketiah all gone for free. And no champions league means forget about Dybala etc
    You had no european football this season and still blew it. Next season you got thursday night football to look forward to, to add to the 1 game a week you had this season
    And loans, all clubs take loans. Even arsenal had loans. Not a problem there mate, especially as you are talking about one of the shrewdest chairman in the game Daniel Levy
    Conte or Arteta. Who would most rather have……now let me think


  4. Lou

    Wow this really is the most clutching piece of “journalism” I’ve ever read. Just full of rubbish 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    I do suggest you actually do some research before writing an article ever again. There are some massive claims here that are a bit mental.

    Stick to your day job. By some of it you probably don’t have one.


  5. Paul Baker

    What a load of utter, juvenile tosh.

    1. Conté has one foot out of the door? Start looking at his press conferences – he’s a lot more of a Spurs man, referring to “his club”, “his players”, we” a lot more.

    2. Ageing squad. That’s been dealt with by other posters, but having older experienced players counts. Looking at your last few games shows this point perfectly. And if you think that the likes of Saka and Martinelli are going to hang around enjoying the delights Thursday night football forever with Klopp sniffing around – good luck with that.

    3. No money. Jaysus, what a reach. We’ve refinanced the stadium loan, naming rights for the ground incoming, UCL football and, like all other clubs, have billionaire owners who will be acutely aware of the demands of Conté. Your club’s spending in recent times shows the world that old saying of ‘a fool and his money is easily parted’ (Ben White, Nicolas Pepe, and the injury-prone duo of Thomas Partey and Kieran Tierney).

    4. No trophies. There’s not a Spurs fan on this planet who is pretending that the lack of silverware isn’t a problem – Zero. Hopefully that will be solved real soon.

    Instead of this triggered “we’ve blown fourth place” nonsense, come up with the real issues for your club. Newcastle United will join the EPL players arms race next season, Man United WILL get better under Ten Hag, Chelsea will get a huge injection of finance from the new owners, Liverpool and City – enough said and Arsenal…stuck with Arteta for another three years, injury – prone marquee signings, overplayed youngsters, a tatty looking stadium which isn’t that old and some of the most deluded fans in the world (some of the ‘regulars’ on AFTV?)


  6. Free

    Ok Kate I am just going to tell you what this is. A sad sad sad sad fucking article.

    We have an absolute clown for a manager, a clown for a DoF and a clown for a CEO.

    We are tie ones in crisis and if you don’t know that, you should stop jerking to Arteta’s face every morning


  7. coys1882

    What a fantastically delusional post! One might have expected a better grip on reality from the supporter of a team that has just imploded, whilst cantering to victory in a two horse race. [Even Devon Loch managed a better finish than this year’s version of the Gunners!]

    As to the specific points raised, displaying your tenuous grasp on reality, let’s debunk them one by one. Spurs fans “do not care about not winning a trophy for 14 years???” This bizarre pronouncement applies to no Spurs fan I know. The biggest source of grievance regarding ENIC’s tenure is its lack of success. No trophies in 14 years constitutes abject failure. Period.

    “No money” … haha … of course you would like it to be true! However, the ownership axis of Lewis and Levy has a combined net worth approaching 5 billion GBP, so it manifestly isn’t. In addition to which the long term debt service of the stadium loans is comfortably covered by existing stadium revenues. Ergo there is plenty of money to invest in the team.

    You should be more worried, in the light of the 150 million GBP that ‘silent Stan’ threw at his makeweight/subsidiary sporting franchise, in last Summer’s transfer window, whether he is willing to continue to subsidise under-achievement! He might feel the repayment of the reported $5 billion dollars he spent on the Rams stadium a more worthy recipient of his investment dollars!

    The age of the squad??? … haha … clutching at straws again! Yes, Hugo is 35 but still better than Ramsdale and Sonny and Kane probably have another 3/ or 4 years at the top. For a team that has no contracted strikers and let their best one, Aubameyang, go for free, you would do rather better to worry about your own shortcomings, than the age of our world class strikers!

    Finally your Conte assertion. No, he has not continually threatened to quit, unless you have been playing the Burnley post match interview on a loop! … but I understand you are envious we have a world class manager, rather than a mentally weak, excuse merchant, like Arteta, who spent half his Arsenal career in the treatment room. Aptly symbolic for an Arsenal team that ‘disappeared’ when the going got tough!


  8. The man from Del Conte say

    This blog could only have been written by someone who doesn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story. Did Ty write it?


  9. Trev Douglas

    What complete utter nonsense 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the author here is one salty bitter loset gooner that is a fact, keep looking up my friend 🤣👍


  10. Big Mal

    Good effort Keenos. Hopefully that has made you feel better. This young maturing side you talk about. I see youngsters with absolutely no bottle and poor attitudes who are making no progress. Smith Rowe flatters to deceive and rarely starts; Saka goes missing; Arteta doesn’t trust Martinelli; Odegaard has little end product; Tierney is always injured; Arteta, bless him, is completely out of his depth as we saw against Tottenham. As for Tottenham, they have the blend right. Sessegnon, Emerson, Kulu, Bentancur, Hojbjerg, Skipp and Romero are young and deliver. Then the experienced players like Dier, Davies, Son and Kane have at least 5 years left – a very long time in football. The only ‘old’ player is Lloris and Johnstone will come in as part of the succession planning.

    We know why you wrote this nonsense but it is so wide of the mark it’s just ridiculous. Arsenal need to get a new manager and the apparently talented youngsters need to actually do something in games that matter. I genuinely didn’t realise Saka, for example, was playing against Tottenham. Going to be tough for Arsenal but with Elneny and Xhaka to build around you should be very confident of turning it around


  11. Josh

    Arsenal are building something special? Special in a good way or special in a bad way?
    What this article tells me is that while you might not base success on whether you qualify for the CL, but you do base success on how you compare to Spurs. Cold hard fact, assuming we finished ahead of you this weekend, that’ll be six times in a row. If Spurs are in crisis then god knows what you’d say about Arsenal!?


  12. Dringo

    What a load of twadle, obviously you are a jealous arsenal supporter. Kane and Son are at their peak every team in the league would want them. Conte has been manificent. The stadium is independently funded and won’t impeed transfer policy, indeed it was designed to create more income and transfer funds not less. Spurs will sign Hugo’s understudy / long term replacement
    Also this summer. Future all looks very good to me for spurs


  13. Abe

    How the mighty have fallen. From the invincible to celebrating being in top 4 and above spurs.. now behind spurs for a few years.. focus on your team. Lots of money spent.. keep on hear about rebuilding. Technically spurs are rebuilding phase after the poch Era. Arsenal should be above based on current stage. But happy if you want to.focus on.spurs issues..


  14. Overcspurs

    Yeah right. So envious of your rosy blooming club while we just manage to scrape 4th spot and seems going down hill! Dream on!


  15. Liq Deeznuts

    10 year Olds shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard. Your team is garbage and you’re salty coz you know, just like the rest of your fans that you won’t get close to top 4 after this for a long long time 🤣


  16. Jimmy Gooner

    Wishful thinking. Spurs will widen the gap if they finish 4th, our only hope next year is that we can compete for Chelsea’s spot


  17. Razor

    This is an embarrassing piece of fantasy fiction, obviously written as an attempt to try to shield yourself from the reality of what is actually happening.

    Spurs are on their 5th manager in the space of 2 and a half years. They’ve been an absolute shambles for a lot of that time. And yet… they’re on the verge of finishing above Arsenal for the 6th consecutive season.

    It’s all well and good banging on about all the youthful potential in Arsenal’s squad but the cold hard truth is that if any of them manage to actually reach that potential, they will want to be playing at a higher level than a club with no Champions League football in the last 6 years and, even before that, no progress beyond the last 16 since 2009/10. This isn’t a club moving in the right direction.

    The squad is paper-thin and in desperate need of major reinforcement but recent recruitment has been a garbage-fire and the job won’t get any easier with only Europa League football on offer.

    If any club in North London is on the verge of crisis, it certainly isn’t Tottenham.


  18. Positive pete

    😂kin el.Was this blog emailed over to N17? Never seen so many spuddies on a gooner blog.To be fair wouldn’t argue with a lot you state.Think the author got a bit carried away.personally think spuds will be ok but restricted to some degree in the transfer market .The CL money will be v.handy,should you get it.Much the same as Arsenal really to be truthful.


    1. Big Mal

      It’s obviously on newsnow as you know. It’s about Tottenham so who would you expect to respond? I would imagine this awful blog only gets comments when Keenos writes about his obsession with Tottenham. And isn’t saying ‘spuddie’ just a bit pathetic unless you are actually still in primary school


  19. Duval David

    Hahaha..Primary School level Idiot. Crisis:):):) The best Young team like 31 yrs old Lacazette and the only other striker Nketiah is out of Contract and leaving so you can Rely on New Messi Pepe who cost £73 million. Arseanal spent £375 million on potential failures Romero was the best Defender in the Serie A before joining Spurs, Bentancur won titles playing regular football at Juventus only 24. Give me CL and Crisis anytime..IDIOT.. ARSE ARE DESPERATE FOR THE CL BECAUSE THE GAP IS WIDENING each season they FAIL AGAIN. Spurs had disastrous 2 season still finished in European spots now they are on the verge of Rejoining the ELITE. I forgot when I saw Arsenal name pulled out of the UEFA Draw box


  20. Mark

    Arsenal Fan here…

    To be fair both these clubs are useless currently and as much as I hate to say it Spurs did better over the course of the season. But let’s not be fooled here… if either set of fans believe 5th/4th place is good for there teams then best of luck. Man Utd, Newcastle (Money Bags), West Ham, Wolves, Leicester to name a few will improve over the summer that’s 5 teams currently on par with Arsenal and Spurs. Arteta is building a good side, he now needs major backing to take us to the next level, a lack of a proven goal scorer is highlighted this season so major investments needed in the attacking department. I would go as far as saying if we had similar Keane/Son players we would have challenged for the league…

    On to Spurs this article highlighted that you can see what Arsenal are missing but when I look at Spurs I see a great strike partnership and very strong midfield and world cup winning goalkeeper and a very good coach. The problem is you had this now for a while and not done a great deal, champions league final a few years ago but still you did not build on this, no cups or silverware for a very long time now.

    The fact is Arsenal have clear issues that need to be resolved and Spurs have bigger ones regardless of league positions. Harry Keane is 29 now surly he would want to be winning medals at that age and for the talent he has or is it a case that he like Spurs lack ambition and are happy finishing above us (by a point or 4).


  21. Ian

    What are you on about you tool..there stadium debt is a set financed deal paying a set amount each year.
    They paid back there covid loan while arsenal got another loan to pay off there covid loan. Arsenal owe barclays over £500 mil thats without this years loses added..why do you think all those players including auba where removed from the wage bill last jan.

    Look closely without bias and you might find arsenal are very near financial caps while tottenham are about to go into financial overdrive with the stadium making £6mil per game..then all the extra events nfl / concerts etc and rumours of a £400 mil stadium naming rights deal.
    Stop pretending to be deaf dumb and blind to arsenals situ both on and off pitch.


  22. Tommygunn

    Haha that’s hilarious what a joker! Seriously tho spurs are packed with quality there is now a very likely splurge on top drawer conte / paratici esq champions league players this is a very exciting new era for Tottenham.

    Arsenal have a squad full of duds, edu and arteta have spent HUGE money poorly and in a way I do feel sorry for the club and their fans who just seemed to oddly sleep walk into yet another period of mediocrity.


  23. Patnevin

    Oh my god….talk about desperate. I’ve enjoyed reading Arsenal fan comedy over the last week. It started with “we’ve won a title at their place so now let’s win the top 4 race”. It then went to “Burnley are desperate for points and I think they’ll do us a favor”. Up next pop pickers was “it’s still in our hands” “Newcastle have nothing to play for and we have a good record up there”…..”Newcastle can’t keep this up in the 2nd half” The last was “puki is a decent striker and I can see him getting a couple”. Now we arrive at “they need top 4 more than us because….”

    Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess. Just because you have a very young squad it doesn’t mean that ours is old or that yours will develope into anything other than average. Oh and your manager is a total plank of mediocrity. One more thing….the swing is 6 years and counting, deny it all you want.


  24. Big Mal

    One of the funniest things about this article is Keenos actually thinks that clubs pay for players in one lump sum and therefore Tottenham will need to find €80m to sign Kulu and Romero. The ignorance is embarrassing. Even if that was the case, he also forgets that Tottenham have Ndombele and Lo Celso out on loan and their sales would cover most of it anyway. Keenos has been hurting so badly now for 6 years and people like him don’t seem to realise that their hurt makes ending above them even sweeter. Since Arsenal became a club that no longer matters they have become obsessed with ending above Tottenham. It is the only thing that matters. The landscape in football changed with Oligarphs and state funded clubs. Just getting into the top 4 in England is incredibly difficult and Newcastle will make it even harder. Tottenham have a vision to compete via huge growth off the pitch especially with events at the stadium. Tottenham’s income is now greater than Arsenal’s and events that may once have gone to The Emirates are now taking place in N17. With early exits from both cups and no Europe this season was Arsenal best – and maybe last – chance of getting into the CL. It’s tough for Arsenal fans and Keenos seems to feel it more than most, hence this nonsense. Keep them coming – I enjoy them very much


  25. Don

    6 years without CL football is a dsgrace for a club the size of Arsenal. Saha has been burnt out for the second season running by Arteta over playing him..ESR’s form has fallen off i cliff in 2022.We bottled it this season


  26. Big Mal

    What planet are you on if you think Tottenham have more serious issues to resolve than Arsenal. I assume you didn’t see the Tottenham or Newcastle games. You demonstrate your complete ignorance by stating that Wolves, West Ham and Leicester are on a par with Tottenham. What? Are you for real? You think these clubs with Europa league or no Europe are going to invest the enormous amount of money needed to stand still. Newcastle will be a threat in the years to come and Man U will spend but Tottenham have the manager and infrastructure to kick in. Leicester, Wolves and West Ham. FFS


  27. MarcT

    So much misinformation.. Romero signed on loan as he had already been registered with Juve (parent club) & Atalanta (who bought him before moving him on to us).. FIFA/UEFA rules state you cannot be registered with 3 clubs in the same window
    Hence the loan with obligation to buy.. but don’t let facts get in the way of your agenda..


  28. 6 years

    No One has mentioned that Conte had barely over half a season and looks likely to finish above the Goons. If he’s taken pre season, got in HIS players we’d of finished comfortable above Chelsea, and easily 15 points ahead of this Arteta shambles. This will be proven next season with Antonio having a full preseason and getting in the players HE WANTS. We are only down to the last game for 4th because we have an incompetant manager for the first 4 months of this season.


  29. Darren Sanders

    You don’t have a clue what you are talking about and that is a fact, obviously a gooner writing this so boring reading negative opinions with no foundations what so ever. You need to hope that this isn’t a paid job for the author of this or you will starve to death… PATHETIC


  30. Colin Stacey

    What a load of crap !!!
    Where are the gooners ?
    Last champions league final arsenal were in ??
    Where are they the last 6/7 seasons ??

    Never read so much 💩


  31. Keenos looks like Sloth from the Goonies

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are one thick fat cunt Keenos. Enjoy your continued slide into obscurity with your tatty old little ground, your dogshit squad without a single player better than bang average, and your out of his depth lego headed manager. Your rivals are Leicester wolves and brighton now, stay in your lane.



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