Killers at Emirates – Why Arsenal’s ground is still a venue of choice for huge events

Morning all and I hope you are enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

After a few days of beer and sunshiiiiine todays overcast weather feels much needed. Will help me recover from sunburn and over indulgence. Sit and watch the cricket rather than be out in the garden on the rum today.

Last night the Killers played at Arsenal.

It is incredible that 15 years after opening, the Emirates is still seen as a prime venue for world class bands to perform as.

When you look at the 5 major stadiums in London – Wembley, Twickenham, Emirates, Tottenham and London Stadium – ours has a lot going for it to keep it relevant.

Whilst the London Stadium has huge infrastructure around it due to the Olympics (train links and hotels), it doesn’t really have the pubs to pop into to have a pint. You have to go to the other side of Stratford which just is not as attractive.

Spurs hoped their stadium would raise millions in NFL and music events. Their fans boasted that this would put them at an advantage financially. But they ignored that Arsenal would still raise money from these events too.

And as organisers learn how run down the area around the Spurs stadium is, the less interested they will be in hosting events there.

Tottenham High Road and the Seven Sisters Road are not exactly nice areas to be waking at day. Let alone at night with kids after a gig.

Wembley and Twickenham are iconic stadiums but both are a long way out of London with Horrendous transport links.

Meanwhile Arsenal has 5 train stations surrounding the stadium (6 if Drayton Park is open). It has links to lines North and South, East and West.

It is also surrounded by some very good pubs around Finsbury Park station, up the Blackstock Road and on Holloway Road. About 20 good pubs within walking distance.

The gig would have provided around £500k-£1m to Arsenal’s coffers.

For someone looking for a stadium to host a major event, the Emirates will always be a top choice.

Cricket will be interesting today.

60 needed, cloudy sky, England have a long tail. You feel Foakes and Root have to get us close otherwise New Zealand could rattle though us.

After 17 wickets on the first day, I am surprised it has got through to Day 4.

Not much else happening today. Jubilee celebrations aside.

Hope you all had a great weekend.



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