Saka Superior to Bang Average Bowen

I am not really sure where the debate between Bukayo Saka and Jarrod Bowen has snuck up from, but it all feels very futile.

It is being driven by West Ham fans who did not realise “WE ARE MASSIVE” was irony.

My feeling is these fans became too big for their boots because they were top 4 for a bit before falling away to 7th have now developed this argument in an attempt to stay relevant with the Big 6 of the Premier League.

The reality is, when it comes to Saka v Bowen, there is only one winner.

Bowen is 25-years-old and, grant, he had a good season last year. He is a decent player but certainly not top class.

The fact West Ham fans compare their man to someone 5 years younger is frankly embarrassing.

Saka is just 20. Comparing Bowen to him from a West Ham point of view is just a little creepy. Can they not compare him to someone his own age?

Bowen is entering his peak years. He will not improve much more than where he is now.

All the debate does is further highlight how good Saka is. The fact that people are comparing him to someone 5-years his senior shows how advanced he is in his career.

Whilst Arsenal fans talk about Saka progressing to be on the level of your Mo Salah’s, your Sadio Mane’s; West Ham fans talk about Bowen playing to the level of Saka. The two are just not comparable.

Lets role the clock back a few years.

At 20-years-old, Bowen was playing just 7 games for Hull city in the Premier League. Saka is closing in on 100.

What Saka is doing now, and achieved as a teenager, it took Bowen until his mid-20s to do:

By the time Saka reaches 25 – another 5 seasons time – I would expect him to be closing in on 100 top flight goals. Bowen has just 21.

This morning Saka has been linked with both Liverpool and Manchester City. That is testament to his ability that the two top teams in the league want him.

Meanwhile Bowen is probably going to end up at Newcastle.

So lets stop the debate now. Lets not even bother having it.

Bowen has had a good season and deserve his place in the England squad. He is good cover for Saka.

If you are looking for a bit of an indepth read this morning, I would suggest having a gander over this from the brilliant Swiss Ramble:

Enjoy your Wednesday!



10 thoughts on “Saka Superior to Bang Average Bowen

  1. Michael Winstone

    What a load of crap. Bowen has been a late developer and has been outstanding. He created a wonderful chance in the game and was only on for 15 mins.


  2. Brian

    This article (Saka Vs Bowen) starts off with a negative slant … Bang average?
    IF you watched the England V Germany game you will have noticed Saka (Along with Mount & Sterling) was a ghost for most of the match, a boy in a mans game. Bowen came on and looked like he a man in a mans game… created more chances in 10 minutes than Saka all night.

    OK so in 5 years time Saka will be in a different league, but last night, light years apart.


  3. Olanrewaju

    No basis for comparism at all, in my opinion. England should enjoy them both, and the fact they have a lot of these good boys (this is me talking as a Nigerian!). Nevertheless, Saka would probably have had the same ‘impact’ Jared had in the few minutes he came in; if he was a substitute. I love Bukayo (of course he has Nigerian blood in him) because he’s a good player, and he will be better in 5 years!


  4. yiddo66

    Why do Ars*nal fans always overhype their players?
    They never seem to learn.
    Kulusevski is the player they think Saka is.


  5. Luke

    Are you serious?! Stop going on about the players ages. That isn’t relevant. The question is who is better now not who has more potential. Saka could flop like many other have in the past. Just because he is 5 years younger doesn’t male him a better player.

    If you want to find out which player is better, just look at the stats from last season, they don’t lie.

    As for expectations you set out, that is merely your opinion, just stating what you believe will happen and not what will happen, you can’t use and expectation of what saka may or may not do as a reason for why he is superior.

    Quite clearly you are clutching at straws here to defend saka. Obviously a biased arsenal fan.

    Maybe you should leave the article writing to professionals. As it doesn’t make a good read when you just constantly repeat “saka is 5 years younger”.


    1. Bouldie

      I dont think that is possible buddy, like, how many pens and free kicks do they get. How many red cards to they get? Its not even a contest if you ask me 😉 Spuds get different treatment from refs because Harry fucktard Kane is everybodys loverboy. Pen merchant fraud, thats what he is. Another one last night for England, what a joke to mention this dude among the greats.

      Bowen is a beast though, I dont get the article. Maybe Saka got more potential, but so did Wilshere. Football is about the now, never tomorrow. This dude was ripping it up for Hull and I wanted him to Arsenal. English, great work ethic and some skills on top, whats not to like? And he cost at the time over £50m less than Pepe.

      Shouldve applied for that technical role 😀


  6. paul

    Oh dear, the author has caught the Tottenham disease or getting nervous when another team and its players get recognition. I am sure Bowen and Saka are respectful of each other and that’s all that is relevant. They both get bad service in an England shirt and perform well for their clubs.


  7. Jimmy

    “Can they not compare him to someone his own age?” please tell me this is a joke or something lmao. Correct if I’m wrong, but I’m 99% sure the argument has popped up because they’ll be fighting for a right-wing spot in the England team? Not just some manifestation from West Ham fans. Frankly, considering that battle Bowen should probably be the winner and start over Saka at the moment. Saka is a good modern winger; he’s decent at what he needs to be, but Bowen is the same… expect better. I mean I’m not quite sure if Saka is exceptional at anything really. He’s pretty fast, he’s a decent finisher, his decision making is quite good and his crossing isn’t bad. Bowen on the other hand is undoubtedly the better finisher you can’t argue with that and he’s a better dribbler when it comes to taking his man on. The only thing I would give to Saka is that he’s better at passing and being a part of the build up to attacks even though we haven’t really seen a lot of that because he’s being instructed to stay out wide. Not to mention Bowen got a healthy amount more goals and assists last season with teammates that aren’t on the same wavelength as him. It’s fair to say Saka couldn’t do what Bowen is doing for West Ham, but Bowen could do what Saka is doing for Arsenal.



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