Raphinha has not “rejected Arsenal”

In the next few days we will see headlines such as “Raphinha has rejected Arsenal for Chelsea” and other variations.

It will be spread on Twitter by Chelsea (and oddly Tottenham) fans in an attempt to show that the Brazilian picked them over us. And that he has snubbed us.

This is not the truth.

Raphinha has not rejected Arsenal. We just did not have a bid accepted by Leeds United.

It is clear to any outside observer that Raphinha wanted a move to Barcelona. Reports emerged earlier this year that Deco – his agent – had already agreed personal terms with his former club.

The problem was Barcelona never agreed terms with Leeds United – unable to pay the £65million the Yorkshire side were demanding.

That opened the door to Arsenal who began negotiations with Leeds United and Raphinha’s representatives.

With the Barcelona deal seemingly dead, it is clear and obvious that Raphinha was interested in joining Mikel Arteta and Edu’s Portuguese/Brazilian revolution.

But like with Barcelona, Arsenal would not match the £65million Leeds wanted.

At no point did Raphinha reject either Arsenal or Barcelona. It was Leeds that rejected both.

And then we have Chelsea who swept in and offered the asking price (reportedly) and look set to complete the deal.

If that Chelsea deal goes through, it will not be Raphinha choosing Chelsea ahead of Barcelona or Arsenal. It will actually be the opposite.

The argument could easily be made that it was Arsenal and Barcelona who rejected Raphinha – they decided he was not worth the £65million Leeds wanted so turned down the deal.

Throughout, Raphinha has not turned down or rejected anyone. Just ignore the noise.

In other news, I see Tottenham fans celebrating that they have “the best striker in Brazil, best striker in Asian, best striker in Europe”. They also talk about Antonio Conte being “the best manager in the world.

I wonder what their excuse will be when they fail to win a trophy for the 15th season in a row.

Pre-season has started and it feels a bit “Rentord Rejects” at London Colney.

The majority of those pictured so far are those that went out on loan last season or got very little game time. Hopefully some of them will be shifted soon.

Enjoy your Friday.



7 thoughts on “Raphinha has not “rejected Arsenal”

  1. TH14

    The reality here is Raphinha does want to join Barca, thats why Deco has been in Barca and not West London over the last few days. He was playing both Chelsea and Arsenal. The funny thing is all these smug Chelsea fans look a tad stupid.


  2. Peter Burgess

    There are two types of Brazilians, those who move to the rhythm of the samba and play with a smile on their faces and have a fantastic work ethic and play for the team,then there are the other type who play with a snarl on their face and spend as much time diving to the floor and believing they are more important than the team. We are lucky to have two forwards who fall into the first category.


  3. Free

    Reality is so far we are flopping hard in this window.

    We are not strengthening where we need to in this team at all.

    Fabio will need a season to adapt. Marquinos might not even be first team. Turner is a back up.

    Only Jesus will be regular starter.

    We badly need to strengthen midfield with Tielemans or Fofana and also as second striker/winger. Those are priority areas.
    Taveres should coached properly so he can realize his obvious potential.

    Martine for 45m as a back up utility player is madness, just like Ben White last year for 55m has proved to be pure madness as well, short weak aerial player.
    I dont care what anyone says but Martinez will NOT work as CB in the PL at 5ft 9inches. He will be brutally exlosed inThe PL just as Ben White has been all season long. White has cost us around 7-9PL games this past season. A fucking atrocious signing and waste of money when Maddison was available for same. I have been saying all along Ben White is rubbish mid table player. Heis not up to PL challenging level player, esoecially when we had Saliba all along. Arteta is is a stat as check book manager who does not and cannot improve players.

    Now we are doing the same with Tielemans/Fofana.
    As for Rafinha that is another overrated player who is not worth close to 65m who we dont even really need who would fuck up Saka’s development. Get Gakpo who will work in tandem with Saka.

    It’s not rocket science really

    Really really dont trust Edu or Arteta who continuously fuck things up.
    Arteta should have been sacked at least on three different occasio s already and Edu has been extremely suspect until now


    1. keenosafc Post author

      The Gabriel Jesus deal will take us to the highest spending team in the league

      We needed a back up keeper. We have one
      We needed more creativity in midfield. we have that
      We needed a new striker. We have that

      3 signings, 3 areas that needed strengthening sorted

      So not really sure what point you are making? Unless you expected us to spend £200m and sign 5 players within 3 weeks of the window opening?


    2. You lack common sense

      people like you make it seem like rocket science, white cost us 7-9 games? clearly rocket science since you talk jibberish, the few games he did not play arsenal had 0 rythm SMH. martinez isnt our only option at CB, again rocket science? he can play LB? CDM? what is madness is you having access to the net to talk



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