Gabriel Jesus set to have “huge impact” on Arsenal team

Morning and happy Tuesday.

Yesterday the Gabriel Jesus signing was finally announced. No idea why it took so long. Maybe visa applications?

He will transform our front line and is the striker we have been crying out for.

Last season, our highest scoring striker in the league was Eddie Nketiah with 5. The season before it was Alexander Lacazette with 13.

Last season we lost 5 games by a solitary goal and failed to score in 11 games. We also had 2 0-0 draws. The 8 goal difference in striker output from the season before probably would have been enough for another 6+ points.

Do not estimate the huge impact Jesus will have.

I have seen a  few comment that “Mikel Arteta wants defenders that can attack and attackers that defend”. It comes from an article in a rag that sits behind a paywall.

Whilst the tagline is correct, it is not something which should be seen as a negative.

Defenders usually have more touches of the ball than almost any other player.

It therefore makes a lot of sense that your centre backs should be amongst the most comfortable on the ball, whilst your attackers should be amongst the best off the ball.

In Ben White and Gabriel, we have two fantastic ball playing centre backs. In the new Gabriel, we have one of the best “off the ball” strikers.

Expect Jesus to pick up a few goals this season through running the channels and pressuring the opponents.

In other news, by now you would have all seen the story about a player in Barnet arrested on suspicion of rape.

Now there are lots of rumours out there about who it can be. But there is an injunction in place and a correct legal procedure that must be followed.

As it stands, the player has been arrested. He has not yet been charged or found guilty. Those spreading names and false rumours need to be careful as it could damage a future case. Breaking the injunction is also illegal, as is naming someone who did nothing wrong.

All we will say on it for now is if it is an Arsenal player and they are charged, they should be immediately suspended. And if they are found guilty their contract should be ripped up and they should never play football again.

Enjoy your day. Hopefully we get a result in the cricket today.



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