Edu’s Brazilian Revolution Will Revitalise The Arsenal

It was just a friendly.

But despite it being just a friendly, what a support we took.

I am not sure if the crowd as made up mainly of English based fans who are making up for no European aways last year; or Mainland Europe based fans just happy to see us back on the continent. But what a turn out!

It highlights just how massive Arsenal are.

Even in our dark days, we have a huge local and global support. Easily the 3rd biggest team in England and in the top 10 supported in the world.

The trick now for the Kroenke’s is to turn that huge support into revenue to finance ourselves to success.

Yes, we will never be able to suspend those smaller, sugar daddy clubs (Man City, PSG), now will we likely eat at the same table as the European super clubs that are one step above us (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Man U, Liverpool, Juventus, AC Milan). But with the size of our fan base we should be looking to be the “best of the rest” and doing a lot better than finishing 8th ever again.

I’ve seen some of the highlights of the game against Nuremberg and the clear stand out was Gabriel Jesus.

Whilst we should never read too much into friendlies as you never know what stage of training and fitness teams are, the team looked sharp.

Jesus came on and scored within minutes.

He did not look like a player who has barely trained yet this season. His natural fitness, sharpness and ability was clear to all.

If you are not buying him for £8m in your fantasy football team then you are crazy (note: join our fantasy football league).

Another new Brazilian also looked impressive – Marquinhos.

We should not expect too much next season from the 19-year old, and we should ignore his pre-season performances.

But with us in the Europa League we should see him getting plenty of first team action.

Could he save us millions on the left wing? Provide competition and cover for Gabriel Martinelli? It is too early to say but it is a story to keep an eye on.

On Martinelli, I think he will have have a huge season this year.

He will be given the trust of Mikel Arteta to mark the left wing his own.

Per 90 minutes, his output not too dissimilar to Raphinha and Richarlison. Both of them are £60m men.

Martinelli has only just 21-years-old. This season I am betting on him to get more goals and assists than Bukayo Saka.


Have a good Sunday.



5 thoughts on “Edu’s Brazilian Revolution Will Revitalise The Arsenal

  1. Chris Clark

    An anyone tell me why Richarlison is more valuable on FPL than Jesus? Are we getting carried away with Jesus? FPL is a non-biased source afterall! Do we just tell ourselves the makers of the game are just wrong? The Brazilian manager picks spuds new man too over GJ. Someone else my concerns


    1. jw1

      Think in both cases– FPL and at Brazil– Richarlison is or has been a starter and first-name-on-team-sheet at Everton his entire career. Jesus got fewer minutes and started less-frequently at City. I’m seeing Jesus at £8.0M as a bargain (much as Saka or Jota started last season at £6.5M, now at £8.0M and £9.0M respectively).


      1. Chris Clark

        Ok, I can buy the brazil thing (just – Jesus still started 21 games…and should have had more seeing as no competition for number 9), but FPL prices are based on season ahead, they don’t care where they played last year…. Richarlison won’t play much so it won’t be embarrassing but I do try to take unbiased views seriously instead of through my Arsenal glasses being an FPL fan. Pep not rating him has me asking questions, he’s no fool. He should get us 15-20 all the same.


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