SheWore: All or Nothing – Season Finale

For Arsenal’s rivals, the Tweets will write themselves.

Spoiler: It was nothing

But this will only tell half the story. And it will be the story of rival fans who never lived the 2021/22 season through an Gooners eyes.

Side note: Most fo the fans who will use this line will be Tottenham fans. Whilst they might have finished above us in the league, they finished the season with the exact same amoutn of trophies: nothing.

Only difference is they won nothing for the 14th season in a row. so joke is on them really.

The 2021/22 season is one which a lot of alienated fans fell in love with the club again. It was a great season full of fun and made me proud of The Arsenal once more.

Getting to watch the youngest team in the Premier League – many of whom were developed in Hale End – grow together over the course of the season will the abiding memory.

It was a journey, a rollercoaster, that the fans and young players shared together.

We celebrated and commiserated as a single entity. One Arsenal.

The bitching and infighting of previous years had gone – on the terraces at least.

Having away days in full capacity again was certainly the highlight, even though I didn’t see us win a game on the road.

There were many highs at the Emirates, with the North London Derby and the Wolves game sticking out as favourites.

Although it ended in disappointment, I have hopes this season that we will come back bigger and stronger to go on to better things.

We go into this season with our young players being a year older. A year wiser. To that we have added a couple of real winners as well as conmtinuing the policy of buying some of the worlds most exciting, young talent.

On and off the pitch the club feels united. That we are moving in one. From the boardroom to the pitch and onto the terraces. Everyone pushing together to be the best Arsenal we casn bel.

Whilst 2022/23 will not be made into a documentary, it is one that will hopefully live in the memory of Arsenal fans much longer than last season.

It feels like we are on the verge of something special.

Arsenal: All or Nothing – the “all” is much more than jsut winning a trohpy or finishing top four.

Up The Arsenal!



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