Arsenal have “no interest” in signing cover for Thomas Partey

For anyone thinking that Arsenal might sign cover for Thomas Partey, do not bother wasting mental energy.

Three transfers have happened in the last week (or are happening) that show that Arsenal have zero plans in signing cover for the Ghanaian midfielder.

Firstly we have Idrissa Gueye who is set to leave PSG to return to Everton.

Now 32 years old, the Senegalese midfielder would be very good – if short term – cover for Partey.

Replacing Gueye at PSG is Renato Sanches.

The Portuguese midfielder seems to have been about forever, but is still just 24.

A career which started so brightly with Benfica. He burst onto the scene 6 years ago with Golden Boy performances for Portugal as they won the Euros.

That saw him move to Bayern Munich, then loaned out to Swansea.

He has recently rebuilt his career at Lille, which has led to PSG recruiting him for just just £10million.

Also leaving PSG is former Liverpool midfielder Georgina Winjaldum, who has joined Roma on loan.

All 3 players offer similar attributes as Partey, and would have been deals the club could have done easily.

Gueye and Winjaldum would have offered short term options to cover Partey for the next season. This would have allowed the club to scout a longer to replacement next summer.

Sanches would have potentially been that longer term replacement who would have signed cheaply. And if he didn’t work out would not have been an expensive flop.

The fact Arsenal have not been linked with any of the 3, let alone signed, would indicate we are happy Mohammed Elneny, Granit Xhaka and Olexsander Zinchenko covering Partey for this season.

My suspicion is next season we will go bit for a young central midfielder who could be Partey’s longer term replacement.

For how, I think Arsenal have no interest in signing cover for Partey.

Enjoy your day.



8 thoughts on “Arsenal have “no interest” in signing cover for Thomas Partey

  1. Arsenal DK

    That headline is a bit click-bait, isn’t it? It’s basically your own opinion, and the players mentioned are not at all in the mould of how we are recruiting these days. Tielemans, amongst others, has been linked for the whole summer, so whos says we won’t buy a central midfielder? Theres still 3 weeks before the transfer deadline.


    1. keenosafc Post author

      Tielemans will not be cover for Partey. Two completely different midfielders.

      Fact we have not signed a defensive midfielder (despite a good half dozen moving clubs that would fit the profile) would indicate we are happy with him and Elneny / Xhaka / Zinchenko as cover


      1. keenosafc Post author

        He is more attacking than Partey. He doesnt have the defensive output of Partey. More of a passer and creator than a physical, powerful, defensive wall


  2. Jon

    Quite possible that we are looking for cover, merely not a player with the same – or nearly the same – profile. If we’d wanted to do that, you can add Bissouma or any number of other typical number 6s to your list. Waste of a squad member unless Partey is out for any protracted period (for, um, whatever reason) . Still possible that we’re after more of a “number 8 who can play as a 6 in a pinch” to provide better all round cover.


  3. Dammy

    The elephant in the room in the article is the reason for the cover. Is it because of injuries? Or similar to the commentary at the Palace game completely ignoring the Partey booing? Either way, Lokonga was signed as cover last summer and played 3 of the first 4 games when Partey was out. He didn’t have a bad first season and wasn’t loaned out like Tavares. El Neny also had a purple patch and has signed an extension. Xhaka can also play there. The only real reason to sign proper cover would be if things went legally south for Partey. Otherwise, we win more matches with him on the pitch.



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