Woop-woop! That’s the sound of da celebration police! 

Morning all!

Bit of a later than normal blog this morning – who knew the Blackstock turned into a bit of a rave venue on a Sunday evening!

The celebration police have had a busy weekend following our win against Fulham.

No more so than over in Qatar where the two dinosaurs tried to make themselves relevant again.

There was a time when Gray and Keys were the gold standard of punditry. But since they were expelled from the English media scene, they have fallen way behind the rest.

They now rely on outlandish statements for attention rather than giving an indepth game analysis.

The fact we have upset these two – and a few others – shows we are doing something right.

We felt it a few years ago when someone set up a Facebook page dedicated to us.

They were a little bunch of incels that were banned from our page and in response they proceeded to set up another page where they would post screen shots of our content invinting people to slag us off. I think it ended up with about 6 followers.

Meanwhile we have gone on to great success. The blog is having another record year. We have over 100,000 followers across all social media and the shop is doing great!

Back to Arsenal celebrating.

At the final whistle, the players and coaches celebrated. And so did the fans.

It was a hard fought win, coming from 1-nil down against a resiliant Fulham side. The victory made it 4 wins from 4 – and we remain the only team with a 100% record in the Premier League.

Yes, it was only Fulham. Just like it was only Bournemouth. Only Leicester City. And only Cyrstal Palace.

The same Fulham and Crystal Palace teams that held Liverpool to a draw.

You can only beat what is in front of you and Arsenal are doing just that.

Yes, we have harder tests to come and October will be a crucial month, but as long as we keep collecting 3 points like a serial speeder, it reduces the importance of those games against others in the “Big 6”.

Last season, Liverpool failed to beat any of the other 3 sides that finished top 4. They finished 2nd – one point behind Manchester City.

Now the pessimist would argue their failures against Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham were why they finished 2nd. But it does show that “if you beat the rest” you do not really need to “beat the best”.

92 points would have been enough to win the league in most seasons and if it was not for city coming back from 2-0 down against Aston Villa on the last day, Liverpool would have won the league.

So yes, it is only Fulham. But it is beating those teams that we should that will keep us in the title race this season. And we are in the title race.

Up next is Aston Villa on Wednesday. Hopefully we make it 5 wins from 5 and celebrate like a team that has won 5 in a row.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend.



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