“Btec Silva” puts in A* Performance

20 minutes into the Brentford game and there were a couple of moans from people behind me.

“His just a Btec Bernardo Silva” was the expert opinion of the fella behind me when describing the early stages of Fabio Vieira’s first Premier League start.

By the final whistle, Vieira’s A* performance saw him awarded Man of the Match.

It sums up the fast-food world we live in: where everything wants everything now and instant judgements are made.

For a start, being a Btec Bernardo Silva isn’t a bad thing.

We are shopping in the market below Manchester City. And with Mikel Arteta’s tactically philosophy being closely aligned with Pep Guardiola’s, it only makes sense the players we sign are “lesser” versions than those playing in the North-West.

Fabio Vieira is just 22-years-old. And what a talent he looks. And I am not too upset with the comparisons to Bernardo Silva.

Silva is now 28-years-old. He is at the peak of his powers and now one of the most effective attacking midfielders in the Premier League. Vieira is 6-years his junior. He will continue to improve, continue to adapt to the Premier League. And as long as he shows the same desire and work rate as Silva, he will quickly progress from being a Btec version of his compatriot.

The last couple of years, we have suffered from a lack of creativity.

With Martin Odergaard now having Vieira as competition, we finally have depth in that position.

I look forward to the pair of them playing in tandem at some point.

Enjoy your Wednesday.



1 thought on ““Btec Silva” puts in A* Performance

  1. Johnno

    You only need to watch this geezer 5 minutes to know he`s quality. Other than his goal, thought he was pretty quiet for most of the game on Sunday though. I was actually more impressed with his performance without the ball than with it. He`ll be top notch in a few years, reckon we might see a bit of him on the right hand side when Saka is given a breather.
    As for him being a “Btec Bernardo Silva”, that`s a typical modern day Arsenal fan comment. It was obviously meant as a pop but it`s actually quite a compliment, Silva has probably been one of the top 2 or 3 players in the league over the past few years and is at the peak of his game. If Vieira ends up even half the player of him than it`ll be money well spent.



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