No Tottenham player gets into a NLD combined XI


I think summer and well and truly over. And it feels like we have gone straight from shorts and t-shirts to jeans and sweatshirts. We’ve skipped that bit in the middle where we wear jeans and a polo.

Just two sleeps until the North London Derby.

It is both the fixture and most look forwards too, and the fixture I dread most.

Win and you will be on the beer in celebration. You will riding a cloud for the weekend and float into work on Monday morning with a smile on your face.

Lose and there will be a cloud over you for the weekend, and Monday you will be keeping your head down hoping no-one asks you about football.

One of my “modern football” hates is combined XIs. Up there with half and half scarves and kids begging for shirts.

Any true fan would not enterain an Arsenal and combined XI. The only right answer is XI Arsenal players (and for Tottenham fans reading, your combined XI’s should only have Spurs players).

I grew up an an era where you were taught the best team in North London was Arsenal. the second best Arsenal ladies. And the 3rd Arsenal reserves. Spurs nowhere to be seen.

After our U15s beat the ladies in a training ground friendly, you also have them up there.

As an Arsenal fan, you should never be giving Tottenham credit or praise. Ever. And do not dare have any of their players in your Fantasy Football team.

12:30 start on Saturday. Most pubs have announced they will be opening at 10, which surprises me.

Usually for these sort of games the police will get involved and force pubs to open at 12, meaning no-one can have a pint before the game.

Should be a good day. Just need that win.

Catch up tomorrow.



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