Tony Adams – Do not forget to vote!!!

Mr Arsenal is on Strictly.

Usually I do not bother with these sort of programmes, but it is Tony Adams!

Can he win? I do not see why not if Arsenal fans mobilise.

2021 saw Rose & Giovanni (no, me neither) win the final with 55,000 votes. Taking into account you can vote 3 times on the BBC Website, this means we only need 20,000 of us to be voting for Big Tone to win.

Considering we now have over 100,000 followers across the She Wore network, this should be doable (we will be encouraging our friends who also run “big accounts” to mobilise their following!).

So how do you vote?

Firstly, make sure you are registered on the BBC Website (if you are already registered, just sign in and head over to the Strictly homepage).

You only need to register once and you will stay signed in on the device you registered with unless you choose to sign out.

Once you are signed-in, head over to the Strictly homepage.

When the vote is open, it will appear at the top of the Strictly homepage. If you can’t see it, try refreshing the page.

To cast your votes, select Tony & Katya, click the ‘plus (+)’ icon next to their name so that a ‘3’ appears in the box between the ‘plus (+)’ and ‘minus (-)’ buttons.

Finally, click ‘Submit 3 Votes’ at the bottom and you would have now voted for Adams 3 times.

So lets get voting. And turn Adams from 100/1 outsides to 2022 Strictly Champion!



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