Arsenal strengthen position at top of table despite not playing

Morning all, and another round of Thursday night football. Although is 6pm more late afternoon?

Bit of a nightmare kick off for most today.

With most working 9-5 or 9-5.30, it means many of us will be having to duck out early from work, or arrive late for the game.

I would not be surprised if the Emirates is half empty at kick off as fans commute in from their jobs, and as the game goes on it fills up.

It will also be a nightmare outside the ground today as fans do not logistically have the 2 hours prior to kick off to enter, and more than usual with arrive with bags.

Having it at 6pm (so that the game does not clash with the evening Premier League games) once again shows it is more important to “maximise TV viewiership” than do what is in the interest of fans that go in, week in, week out.

The mid-week Premier League fixtures have fallen favourable for us. We remain top without even playing.

Chelsea drew away to Brentford whilst Tottenham lost away to Manchester United.

For many of our rivals, yesterday was their “game in hand” on us.

This round of games now mean that Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool have played 10 games. Newcastle and Tottenham have played 11.

We are top of the league and rightly so!

On Tottenham, Antonio Conte is turning them into a traditional Italian team.

Five at the back
Three defensive minded midfielders
Hoof it up to the big lad in the hope the smaller quick lad gets onto it

They might be having their best start in their history, but it is really turgid football, and once the results start falling away the fans will turn.

Onto tonight.

We win and we are in the next round of the Europa League, and one foot in the last 16.

Expect a fairly strong team due to this.

On a personal note, a year ago today I was made redundant from a job I had “loved” for 15 years. Since then I have gone onto bigger and better things (as well walked away with a nice redundancy package!).

It has taught me to value myself more.

Anyone going through the same thing, do not worry, do not be fearful of the future.

There are so many opportunities out there and if your current company do not value you, someone else will. And probably pay you a lot more for the same job.

Enjoy the game tonight.



2 thoughts on “Arsenal strengthen position at top of table despite not playing

  1. Felix

    Nice article. The last 2 paragraphs really struck. Going through tumultuous waters, it is good to remember that the river will calm down and you will find yourself peacefully floating on calm waters soon enough. Need to rember that when battling in rapids to grasp air.
    Can’t wait to see the match tonight.



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