Voting Open – Tony Adams Red and White Army

Week 7 of Strictly Come Dancing.

We have already got Tony Adams through the half way stage! What a fantastic achievement.

And when I say we, She Wore are taking not claiming that it is us who got him there. we are talking about Arsenal fans in general getting him there.

Momentum is building for Mr Arsenal and we are just one part of the cog that I am going to start caling Tony Adams Red and White Army.

In the last 7 days, a lot has been written about us (this time I am talking about She Wore).

There have been accusations that we are trying to “fix” the vote.

Now fixing a vote would imply that what we are doing is underhand. It is not.

All we are doing is telling reminding the 100,000+ Gooners that follow us across social media to vote for Tony. No one is forcing anyone. No one is artificially increasing the votes through hacking or anything else.

This is just Arsenal fans coming together, both withing the She Wore network and beyond, and voting for a living legend.

The real heroes are those lads sticking up reminders in WhatsApp groups at 8.30pm on a Saturday whilst they are on a night out.

So voting is now open. Lets upset the applwcart again!

So how do you vote?

Firstly, make sure you are registered on the BBC Website (if you are already registered, just sign in and head over to the Strictly homepage).

You only need to register once and you will stay signed in on the device you registered with unless you choose to sign out.

Once you are signed-in, head over to the Strictly homepage.

When the vote is open, it will appear at the top of the Strictly homepage. If you can’t see it, try refreshing the page.

To cast your votes, select Tony & Katya, click the ‘plus (+)’ icon next to their name so that a ‘3’ appears in the box between the ‘plus (+)’ and ‘minus (-)’ buttons.

Finally, click ‘Submit 3 Votes’ at the bottom and you would have now voted for Adams 3 times.

So lets get voting. And turn Adams from 100/1 outsides to 2022 Strictly Champion!



2 thoughts on “Voting Open – Tony Adams Red and White Army

  1. Jill Cole

    You can also vote on your mobile using the number 6225213.
    This is 15p per call so 25 calls will cost £3.75.
    I think our legendary Skipper is worth that.


  2. Violet

    So people aren’t even watching Strictly?! They’re being told at 8:30 when voting opens to vote for someone on a show that they’re not even watching. It’s completely unfair for other contestants who are dancing better than Tony and are being sent home because a load of people are voting for a ‘football legend’. This is a dancing competition! It needs to stop.



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