Back to the football as Arsenal set for a tough trip to Everton

The signing of Jorginho saw the usual clowns come out from under their rocks.

Most have been eradicated from the club since the Covid break, but some still remain. They are the usual suspects who have been silent for the majority of the season will jump on anything to try and spread their negativity.

These fans are still bitter, angry individuals who hate the club. Have not got over the last few years of Arsene Wenger. And carry their bitterness as a badge of honour.

Pretending to speak for all fans, they say rubbish like “this potential transfer could ruin the great relationship the club has built with the fans”.

No it won’t.

Fans like me, and the majority, will be going into today looking forward to getting another 3 points. Backing the XI on the pitch regardless of who they are. Backing the manager.

The breakdown in your relationship with club has nothing to do with the signing of Jorginho and everything to do with yourself. Unhappy individuals who have not had a relationship with Arsenal for years. Probably still moan avbout moving from Highbury nearly 20 years ago.

Whilst they are stuck in the past, the majority of us move on. And today that is Everton away.

A struggling team are always at their most threatening with a new manager in charge. And under Sean Dyche, Everton away will not be an easy game.

Dyche is pragmatic manager and in the short term, he wwill be concentrating on one thing – making Everton hard to beat.

Even during his best days at Burnley, Dyche’s philosphy was “defence first”. With Everton in a relegation battle, he will make them even more resolute.

With Patterson, Godfrey, Keane, Doucoure and Garner injured, his options are limited.

I would not be surprised if he starts off with 5 at the back: Holgate Mina Coady Tarkowski Mykolenko.

Ahead of them in the middle will be Onana and Gueye, flanked by Iwobi and McNeil, who he knows from his Burnley days. And then upfront Neal Maupay.

They will look long to Maupay and hope that Iwobi and McNeil can get up to them.

I do not expect them to be much of a threat going forward under Dyche – although with a big team we will have to be careful at set pieces.

Expect today to be a tough day. May well just be the single goal in it. And I feel whoever comes off the bench between Gabriel Martinelli and Leandro Trossard could be the match winner

Then tomorrow we can sit and watch Tottenham v Man City.

Could be a big weekend in the title race with both teams away! We just need to focus on the football and get the 3 points.




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