Man City points deduction would not be a positive move for The Arsenal

Morning all and happy Tuesday.

So the big news yesterday was that Manchester City had been charged with more than 100 breaches of the Premier League’s FFP rules.

Personally, I do not want them to be deducted points.

I want us to win the title on our merits, based on us getting more points than them. If they go and get deducted 15 points and we win the league by 12, our league title will always have an asterix against us.

It will always be remembered that we only won the 2022/23 title because of financial irregulatories committed by Manchester 4 or 5 years earlier.

They finish above us, then they have been the better team on the pitch. And that is always what matters.

I have never been comfortable with FFP. Even when Roman was lining up his tanks filled with millions.

Who are we to dictate to a billionaire how they spend their money? And you could argue that the Premier League having 2 sugar daddy clubs (pre-Roman being sanctioned) made the league more competitive.

Without Roman or Sheikh Mansor, we would have had 20 years of either Arsenal, Manchester United or Liverpool winning the league. Off the back of 10 years of Man U dominance.

Look at how boring Germany is with just Munuch, or Spain with only Real Madrid or Barcelona.

We have a nice balance in England where top clubs earn enough to be competitive.

Let them keep their point tally for the season, then relegate them to League Two for next year.

Whilst we are talking about spending money, a must read blog is Swiss Ramble’s How Much Money Did Chelsea Really Spend? It is fairly eye opening to what they are doing and the risks they have taken.

Not much else really going on other than Jesse Marsch being sacked and a few attention seekers saying Gabriel Martinelli should not have got a new contract (with one wierdo even saying he should be sold if we do not win the league).

We do have some idiots that “support” us.

Enjoy your Tuesday.



6 thoughts on “Man City points deduction would not be a positive move for The Arsenal

  1. Matt Pescod

    Your looking at it completely wrong. Everyone will look back at all Man city’s trophies and they will forever be tainted. I mean they already are. Why do you think city have been playings badly recently? They must have known for months this was coming. The only joke is that we are eating for it u be official! They’ve been cheating financially just like Chelsea. The f.a. are responsible for policing and have failed miserably. If arsenal win it will be seen as fantastic based on our wage bill and lower spending than other big clubs.


  2. TH14

    Two things, firstly the investigation has over 100 alleged breaches to cover before City can be found either guilty or not guilty of cooking their books. This alone will mean NO decision will be made before the end of this season, it may well drag on well into next season. Secondly, if found guilty they shouldn’t have a points deduction they should be booted out of the league. As Juventus and Rangers were for financial irregularities.


  3. Johnno

    Fuck a points reduction, the cheating cunts should be demoted down to the 4th tier of English football at the very least. They haven’t just been cheating their opponents, they’ve been taking the piss out of every other clubs supporters for the last FOURTEEN years. Absolute disgrace.


  4. Stuart Drinkwater

    Totally agree with you, let City get there punishment at the end of the season, otherwise all our good work will be tarnished, with people saying we only won because of this reason. We want people to say, what a team, they beat City to the title, And while on the subject, I’m sure it won’t be long before they investigate Chelski, close them down, and turn the place into an Aldi superstore.


  5. Positive pete

    Didn’t hear anyone weeping when we were docked( robbed) 2 points in 1991 over the brawl at old toilet.Certainly not Manure! Personally would like to see them demoted two divisions with a 12 point deduction to start any campaign.Plus a transfer embargo for at least 3 seasons & AND an independent auditor to assess their accounts for the next 5 seasons.That ought to do the trick.And oh nearly forgot.Go after those chav b’ stards who started the “ financial doping” in the first place& are currently at it again.£600 million on two windows & the prem sit on their arse!



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