Arsenal need to convert home advantage

Wednesday’s victory over Everton was our first home win in 3 games, and just our 2nd home victory in the previous 5 games.

Draws against Newcastle United and Brentford alongside a defeat at home to Manchester City saw us lose some of our advantage in the title race.

If we have any hope of winning the league this season, we need to convert out home advantage into 3 points.

That starts (again) Saturday when we face Bournemouth at home.

We also play Crystal Palace and Leeds at home in the next 4 games. The sole away game is a short trip to Fulham.

After the Leeds game, we will have 9 games to go. 5 away and just 4 at home. So we really need to build up the points over the next 3 home league games.

I have always had it in my mind that 87 points will be enough to win the league title this year.

For City to hit 88 points, they need to win 11 of their remaining 13 games. Not impossible but a tough task when they are yet to win more than 3 games on the trot.

Their best run of form this season over 13 games was at the start of the season. They got 32 points from those 13 games. A repeat of that will see them reach 87 points.

We have some very tricky games coming up. So for us to reach 87 points we need to win at home.

Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and Leeds United are followed up with home games against Southampton, Chelsea, Brighton and Wolves.

7 home wins from 7 home games is what we need. That will be 21 points and take us to a total of 81.

Then it will just be a question as to whether we can get the remaining 6 points from trips to Fulham, Liverpool, West Ham, Man City, Newcastle and Nottingham Forest. Not an overly easy grouping of away matches. Three winnable, three tough.

Every point we drop at home between now and the end of the season will force us to pick up more points away.

Draw at home to Bournemouth Saturday, we then need to win another away. We would likely then have to get three points in Liverpool, Manchester or Newcastle.

Both Arsenal and Man City have fairly similar final 5 games of the season. You feel whoever is top after the 26 April match will win the league.

The atmsophere on Wednesday was nervous, and it felt like the players felt those nerves.

So Saturday turn up and be positive. Cheer the team on, and lets make Emirates the fortress it was before the World Cup.



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