When will you start to believe?

It started against Fulham…

And now you’re gonna believe us, And now you’re gonna believe us, We’re going to win the league.

I did not join in. And looking around the away end, many had the same view as me. It was too early.

That is not to say that I am criticising those that did sing it. I admire their optimism, and am certainly not going piss on their parade. Positivite momentum will be an important wave to ride in the run in.

There is still a lot of football to be played. And personally it is just too early to be saying we are going to win the league.

I am a cautiously positive person by nature. I try to temper my expectations in everything, but understand the importance of a positive mental attitude.

I always said that talk of us being in the title race had to wait until we had played Manchester City. And that if we were above City come the first game against them, then I will consider us title challengers.

City beat us back February, leaving us with 3 games without a win. The defeat also saw them overtake us for the first time since the second game week of the season.

Despite us dropping to 2nd, we were clearly in the title race. But I still do not believe we will win the league.

City have a slightly easier run in, the deeper squad, and the championship winning experience. They are still favourites to me.

When will I change that opinion? Probably after we play them for the second time.

If we are still 5 points ahead of them after game on 26 April, then I will start to believe (8 points if they have a game in hand).

After that match, we will have 5 games remaining. 3 at home, 2 away. a 5 point lead, whilst not impossible to claw back, should be enough.

It is easy to be caught up in all the excitment around the club. But for now I will not allow myself to believe. But that could change in half a dozen games.

When will you start to believe?



7 thoughts on “When will you start to believe?

  1. NB

    Crystal Palace
    West Ham
    Man City
    Nottingham Forest

    There are far too many strong sides left to play to believe. Heck, I won’t start to dream until after Southampton.


  2. Pascal Zidane

    I starting believing in October! I am loving the ride and also loving dreaming of the Title. Myself and 2 fellow supporters broke out into “We’re going to win the league!” after we beat ManU.

    I know it is a still a long way off and we could easily end up second but I am just going to keep on dreaming…. Isn’t that what being a supporter is all about?


  3. Vs.

    Go through April unscathed i.e mantain or extend our five point lead then we will surely win the league but for now it’s 50/50,stay focused.COYG!!!


  4. Hrochnick

    Pre season I believed! I could feel it… so I put a quick bet on while we were at 29-1. Not much gambed, a lot to win. I still believe!


  5. Tikpo

    I started believing end of January and kept believing through the glitches of February. Whatever the results will be April 26th, I still am convinced we shall win it.
    ManC will drop points. Their commitment to winning the CL and the punishing fixture schedule they have as a result of competing in three competitions makes our win inevitable.



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