Manchester City having to show record breaking form to keep up with Arsenal

“Arsenal have bottled the title”
“Going to finish 2nd in a one horse race”

After being top for so long (and we still are top), it had to be expected that some noise would come from opposing fans after we lost two 2-nil leads in a row to draw 2-2.

But this “Arsenal bottled the title” and “going to finish 2nd in a one horse race” really is a myth. A falacy.

Yes, we had an 8 point lead at one point, but that was only after 18 games.

Later on in the season, we once again had an 8 point lead. And that league table is being used to highlight our downfall. But little is mentioned of Man City having a game in hand at that point, and us having to travel to the Etihad.

At no point were we romping away with the title. At not point were we lengths ahead. It was always just one body length. And now it is a head.

This has always been a close title race.

We held a real 5 point league from 24 to 29 games. That has now been whittled down to a 3 point lead after 30 games. Anyone who actually lives and breaths football rather than sits behind a laptop and builds their opinion for clicks will now a 3 point lead after 30 games is not huge. And neither is a 5 point lead with 9 games to go.

In our last 9 games, we have won 7, drew 2. That is an average of 2.55 points per game. Enough to reach 97 over a 38 game period. This is not the sign of a side stumbling in the title race.

In Manchester City’s last 9 games, Manchester City have won 8 and drew 1. 2.77PPG. That would have them on course for 105 points. 105 points would break the Premier League record by 6 points.

So Manchester City are showing record breaking form, whilst Arsenal’s last 9 game form would have seen us get more points than all but 3 previous Premier League champions.

I remember before the World Cup, fans up and down the country were saying “Arsenal will collapse after the World Cup”. But we did not.

Since the World Cup, Man City have gained 1 more point than us. they have played 16, we have played 17.

This Premier League title has always been a two horse race. At no point were Arsenal out front in a comfortable position. We were not streaking away with it only to hit a fence and fall. Manchester City have always been holding on to our tail, not letting that gap grow.

On Sunday we hit a fence that saw us stumble. But we still have 18% of the season to go. Another 7 fences to jump.

I will be disappointed if we do not win it. But I will also be proud of what we have done this season.

It would not be a surprise if Manchester City win every game between now and the end of the season. That will be 14 games won in a row.

To bring that run into perspective, Tottenham have never won more than 9 in a row. And never gone unbeaten for more than 14 games.

Manchester City have been up there with us throughout the title race. We have maintained our form whilst they are looking like they are kicking on.

At no point has this season been a one horse race.



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