This is the start of something special for The Arsenal

Champions League football secured for the first time in 6 seasons.

On course for 80+ points for just the 6th time in our history.

Likely to score over 80 goals for the first time since 2010.

Already with more wins since 2008, and could end up winning as many games as the invincibles.

First season in 6 where our defeats will be in single figures.

And finished above Spurs for the first time in 6 seasons.

We have made so much progress this season and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

When we won the FA Cup in Mikel Arteta’s first season, those anti-fans said they wanted to see us in a title race and not winning the greatest domestic trophy in the world.

This season we have been in a title race, and those same fellas complain that we are going to finish the season trophyless.

Those people like to say they have “high standards” but the truth is they do not want Arsenal to win the league. They do not want to see a successful Gunners.

They celebrate when we fail to win, and moan when we are winning. We are not the only club with this weird group of football incels.

As Rodney Marsh said, Manchester City would have beaten any team in the world the way they played on Wednesday.

And it is interesting that we seem to be getting more criticism than City are getting praise. That is because Arsenal failing to win creates more hits, clocks and ad revenue than City winning.

Whether you like how they have built a team, built Manchester, or not, you have to admit they have a superb team.

City will make it 5 league titles in the last 6 seasons. They will get over 90 points for the 4th time during that period.

They have a fella up top that is ripping up the Premier League goal scoring records. At the back they have the choice of four £50m central defenders.

Mid-week they had a £45m CM on the bench, a recent Premier League POTY on the bench, and one of England’s best players on the bench.

Their squad shows exactly what £850m can get you (compared to £470m for us).

Man City’s wage bill is twice ours. So of course they are going to have better players on the pitch and in reserve.

Their strength in depth has meant come the business end of the season their players are still fresh. Their rotations allows them to do that. Likewise as they picked up injuries, they could replace one £50m CB with another.

We had to rely on £2m Rob Holding.

I said Wednesday night, swap Mikel Arteta and Pep Guardiola over and the result does not change.

Arteta with City wins the league. Guardiola with Arsenal finishes second.

We now need to make sure this season is the start of something and not the peak.

The age of our side, players will naturally improve. But we also need to make moves in the transfer market.

Declan Rice is one of those players who would close squad depth gap between us and City.

His acquisition would add quality to our first team, which in turn would provide a greater strength in depth. Moises Caicedo would do similar.

We also need to bring in a new right sided central defender.

Holding has been a brilliant servant to the club, but now is the time we need to upgrade. Close that quality gap between him and William Saliba.

And then we need reinforcements in attack.

Either an out and out striker which will lead Gabriel Jesus to become a wide attacking option, or a wide right midfielder that will also provide cover for Jesus up top. I really like Ansu Fati.

City will of course strengthen again this summer. I think it will be Jude Bellingham.

My final thoughts is to not let finishing 2nd get you down. We have done exceptional this season. And now we just have to build on it.



9 thoughts on “This is the start of something special for The Arsenal

  1. Michael

    Call me deluded, heck, at this point I’ll call myself deluded…but I still think there’s a twist or two left in this season’s story yet!!


    1. Johnno

      Can`t see it mate. City might drop points but can`t see them losing 1 and drawing 1 or drawing 3 of their last 7 fixtures. And even if they did, we`d still have to come home clean.


      1. Michael

        Yeah I agree. I’m sure that it’s largely just denial and a stubborn clinging to hope on my part…I just hope that we at least push them all the way now.


      2. Johnno

        Oh look, it`s David the incel. What you waiting for? I`ll be at the Chelsea, Newcastle and Brighton games. I`d love to bump into you, what boozer will you be in?


  2. Johnno

    Agree with all that. We`ve just got to keep building and getting better. City are eventually going to get done for cheating, I`ve got no doubt about that but we`ll just have to see what their punishment will be. Whatever it is, we`ve got to be on the scene ready to take advantage of it.
    What we`ve got to do now is try to finish the season well and go into next season with a bit of momentum. It would be sad to see the season just peter out from here. If we are to finish 2nd (and it`s looking extremely likely) then I hope it`s a strong 2nd.
    Up The Arse.


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  4. Mike Ram

    Great run, though the players are not physically drained, they are probably mentality drained. The decades of media bias, rival fans banter and own fans lousy insults will often make any team unsuccessful. I’m proud of the boys. The youngest team in EPL and one of the youngest manager in EPL. No one gave us a chance beginning of the season and we have secure CL football with 5 games to play. We can only get better with this team so let’s push the boys to win the next 5 games and see if f Man City slips up.



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