Why are Neville and Carragher so intent on criticising Arsenal?

Last night really should put a stop to the “Arsenal don’t have the minerals talk”. The truth is, Manchester City are just better than us.

Just like they were better than German table toppers Bayern Munich when they beat them 4-1 on aggregate. Just like they were better than the 3rd place German team Leipzig when they put 7 past them.

And just like last night when they beat the great Real Madrid 7-0.

Manchester City are now on a 23 game unbeaten run in all competitions. They have won 40 out of the last 42 points in the Premier League. Are on course for a treble and 94 points.

If they hit 94 and win the treble, they will rightly be talked about as one of the best English teams of all time. And this achievement will blow what Manchester United did in 1999 out of the water.

And that is why Gary Neville is trying to change the narrative on this season, focusing on Arsenal rather than City.

Neville wants to be able to say “City only won the treble because Arsenal bottled it”. When the truth is, Manchester United only won the treble because we bottled it.

Penultimate game of the season in 1999, we went to Leeds. A win would have put the title in our hands for the final game. A draw would have had the two sides going into the last game level on goal difference. We lost 1-nil.

A few weeks before, Dennis Bergkamp stepped up in the 90th minute to take a penalty in the FA Cup semi-final. He missed. Ryan Giggs went on to score his famous goal.

Had Bergkamp not missed that penalty, I think Manchester United would have finished the season trophyless. No last day win against Spurs. No last minute goals in Barcelona.

We bottled the FA Cup. We bottled the league. But no one mentions it as it did not suit the Sky driven agenda that the ‘99 Manchester United side (a team they had a financial interest in) were the greatest of all time.

If Manchester City match the treble this year, and gain the 94 points (15 more than Man U won in 99), then fans will no longer include that Man U team in discussions of “greatest of all time”. And that is why Neville is trying to paint a different picture.

It should not be a surprise to anyone how strong City are.

They have the best manager in the world, one of the most expensive assembled squads with one of the highest wage bills. And that is based on what they declare in their accounts. We may never know what extra payments have gone into offshore bank accounts.

They face 115 charges for financial irregularities and could be expelled from the league. We have not been pipped to the league title by a normal team.

Janie Carragher is another trying to change the narrative.

In 2013/14, Liverpool were top of the table. Need two wins from the last 3 games. Steven Gerrard then slipped.

They then went to Selhurst Park. 2 wins from the last 2. 3-nil up with 11 minutes to go, it looked like they would be going into the last game of the season with the title in their hands.

Palace famously came back to draw 3-3. Dwight Gayle scoring an 88th minute equaliser.

Manchester City would win the league, Liverpool would finish 2 points behind with just 4 points from their last 9.

Carragher is trying to paint Arsenal as the “biggest bottlers ever” in an attempt remove Liverpool from the discussion.

Both Neville and Carragher are providing biased opinion, driven by a need to discredit Arsenal as a side aways attempt to protect their own clubs.

Throughout the season, everyone would have gone through the games and made their points prediction. It always came out at the same for Arsenal – between 84 and 87. Sometimes you would get a bit optimistic and get to 89.

At no point did any fan or pundit predict Arsenal would get 95. And that is the total we would probably need to get to win the league.

So is it bottling it that Arsenal will get between the 84-87 that we all predicted? Is it bottling it that we will not get the 95 that we would have needed? Clearly not.

Only 5 times in Premier League history has a side got 95+ points:

  • 100 points. Manchester City in 2017-18
  • 99 points. Liverpool in 2019-20
  • 98 points. Manchester City in 2018-19
  • 97 points. Liverpool in 2018-19
  • 95 points. Chelsea in 2004-05

Ultimately, we will finish 2nd because we lost both games to Manchester City. That is a 12 point swing.

Had those results been reversed, we would be 8 points clear.

Manchester City have beaten everyone this season. Arsenal, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and every other smaller team they have faced. It is no shame to finish 2nd to them.

I just wish for some fair punditry rather than two idiots using their platform to try and write their own version of history.

We will never forget last season when Neville and Carragher were almost in the Brentford crowd celebrating with them. The agenda is clear.

Ps: as for Neville blaming it on the way Zinchenko celebrated after a game, let’s remember he was once fined for his celebrations following a last minute win.

Neville criticises Arsenal players for not interacting with fans. Then criticises Arsenal players for interacting with fans. Almost like he hates Arsenal!



4 thoughts on “Why are Neville and Carragher so intent on criticising Arsenal?

  1. Derek

    How can carrager still be working when he spat in a child’s face!!!!!! Neville lived a few players and got away with it. As he was Mann utd


  2. foreverinourshadows

    There has always been a narrative against Arsenal from the day Wenger became manager, he changed the football in the PL, and drunks like Fergie couldn’t handle it, the anti-Arsenal that spews from the media is a farce. I couldn’t care less about a pedo’s son and vile spitting Scouse twat


  3. Mike Ram

    Notice how these two morons together with other morons in media like to talk about a club’s failure and not others. It’s pure bias on their part. Also notice how they always talk about current failures Arsenal and not the initial success of Arsenal. Because they themselves are losers and they don’t know how to produce success. It’s pure stupidity on their part.


  4. Johnno

    I wouldn`t get so worked up about them mate, they both talk shit anyway. One was a complete failure as a manager and a coach and the other one never had the bollocks to try in the first place. Neville should stick to criticising low wages in this country whilst paying many of his employees minimum wage and Carragher can continue to talk about choking because he`s an expert an clearing his throat, on little girls.



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