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30th Anniversary Anfield 89 – An evening with Martin Hayes & Perry Groves

Islington Sports Bar and Grill
247 Holloway Road, London N7 6NE
26th May 2019
2pm – 9.30pm

On the 26th May 1989 The Arsenal had to travel to current champions Liverpool and win by two clear goals to bring the title back to North London for the first time in 17 years. The events of that evening  now goes down in folk-law. Without question the greatest ending to any game and any season.

So what could be more fitting but to spend the 30th Anniversary of our clubs greatest ever night than to watch the game again with two of the players in that great side.

Islington Sports Bar and Grill are hosting this event  with Perry Groves and Martin Hayes and it promises to be a great night.

Perry and Martin will be doing a Question and Answer session as well as signing autographs and posing for photos.

There will also be a full screening of the game on the large screens with the pair doing a running commentary. Both players started the game on the bench so will have a very good insight of George Graham’s tactical plans and mood.

As the game came to its climax, both Perry and Martin had been bought on, enabling them to give a 1st hand account of what George said as he sent them on to the pitch. They will alsop give an insight into what they felt during those final few minutes leading up to THAT goal.

Islington Bar and Grill will be putting on a buffet for everyone attending as well as showing the recent Anfiield 89 documentary film in what promises to be a special evening for us fans.

Tickets are £30 each via Eventbrit or available to buy at Islington Sports Bar & Grill prior to the event. The Anfield 89 event is ticket only and include entry and full buffet.

What a way to spend the Sunday of  a Bank Holiday weekend!

She Wore


Tottenham’s 4000th day without a trophy

Well it’s no easy feat to be the media darlings whilst having nothing to celebrate for so long, but that lot from Middlesex are managing it.

To set the record straight the last time that lot from Middlesex won a trophy was way back in February 2008, 4000 days ago today and even that was the league cup, in which most teams play a mix of a 2nd string and youth sides for most of the competition.

The last time they won the FACUP was in 1991 and since then they have managed to lose a record 8 successive semi-finals in a row. Losing to The Arsneal, Everton, Newcastle, The Arsenal (again), Portsmouth, Chelsea, Chelsea and Man utd.

The last time they won the league was back in 1961, four years after in 1965 the Local district of North East middlesex was made part of London. So as a North London side they have never won the title.

Not a single tottenham fan under the age of 29 would’ve been able to legally able to have a pint the last time they won the 5th ranked trophy.

Those lucky tottenham fans to be over the age of 46 would’ve been able to have bought a pint the last time they won the FACUP, even if it went sour when The Arsenal won the title that season.

Some of them born in 2000 would’ve been able to buy one after last seasons 8th record breaking Semi loss.

Fair play to all those older than 58, they may have some black and white memories of a horse and cart parade and paying thrupence for a Light and Ale in 1961.

This season to will end in yet another nothing season for them, they have a manager who has never won a trophy and they will end up potless yet again. Top 4 is not a trophy, putting the pressure on is not a trophy. History records the winners, which they will never be, unless you count a long bar and a big cheese room.

Happy 4000th Middlesex. much love



Emery out ? Wind it in eh !

Keenos is still away, somewhere too hot with too much cheap booze, so you got me again….

I hate losing, I really hate losing, a small part of me is still sulking over that semi in 91 even if we have had revenge twice in FA cup semi-finals since. But some of the over the top reasctions to the Man City game are a joke, I was more pissed off when when we lost to West Ham…

There’s some who thought Wenger walked on water and were clearly more of an Arsene fan than they will ever be a fan of The Arsenal.
The trolls who pretend to be Arsenal fans, but have never stepped foot outside Blackburn or a chicken shop.
There’s the fan boys who think Ozil is better than Bergkamp, even if he’s not fit to be used in the same sentance, Emery dropping Ozil is like he took there mums out for a few gins then asked them to smell his fingers.
There’s of course those who have built up a twitter profile (and business) based on being as negative as possible and a loss increases the old back pocket.
Finally we have those who just like a good old moan up, as a 4th Generation moaning Gooner, i do understand this group, we are THE Arsenaol afteral, moaning is what we do best.

I asked for views over the weekend about the Man City game, Friday hardly anyone was positive we would get a result, Sunday half expected a loss, the other half were going with thier hearts rather than thier heads, losing to Man City was something we all knew would happen, even if our hearts overruled our heads.

Man City are streets ahead of us right now, they won the title last year with a record points total, have the most expensive squad ever put together in football and on there day they will roll over anyone in world football. We had 3 of our 1st choice defenders out and Xhaka, who like it or not is a starter under Emery. No club in the world would’ve done much better than we did yesterday with 4 players out. Imagine the 91 Side with no Adams, Bould, Dixon, imagine the Invincible side with no Sol, Toure and Ralf, it was always going to be a tough one. Pep smelled blood and set up to expose us and it worked for him.

So yeah as much as I hate seeing us lose like most right minded amongst us I wasn’t expecting too much Vs Man City, I wanted to see some fight, which to a degree we got in spells. It was our right side that badly let us down for all the goals, I don’t enjoy pointing the finger at players, but the old swiss fella is just not upto the pace and god know’s what Iwobi was doing. I understand why the old swiss fella was bought in, 2nd choice behind Bellerin, add a bit of experaince and fighting spirit to the squad and was on a free. But he is crap, with AMN who has overtaken him as 2nd choice right back also injured I understand why Emery went for 5 at the back for added protection. Without inury problems, would Emery have gone for a 4 and added another midfielder ? maybe who knows.

Emery isn’t perfect, he’s still learning the English game and his players, he needs time to bring in his own and needs a good clear out of those just not upto the standard expected of a player for The Arsenal. I personally thought the 3 stand out players for us yesterday were all Emery players, Leno, Torreira and Guendouzi. At 19 the young French kid is having a great season, yes he’s had a few par games, but that’s expected from a teenager, this kid could be a star for us for the next decade.

This summer will be Emery’s first proper transfer window in my eyes, he would’ve had this group of players for a full season and will have a few quid in the sky rocket to improve the squad. Even without the money the top 4 trophy brings in the coffers from the increased naming rights/sponsership from Emarites and Adidas we will be £40m up on the currect levels. I’m not going to go mental on explaining the rules of FFP and the rules on increasing the wage bill, but £40m buys you a lot. It means we can increase the wage bill by approx £50m, it means we could in theory buy 1 player on a 4year deal for £150m (£30m a year) and pay him 200k a week. This is of course without the decreased wage bill of the 2 players we know are leaving this summer in Cech and Ramsey and any investment Stan puts in (yeah right).

I fully expect huge changes this summer, Ramsey and Cech inculded there’s about 10 players I’d be very shocked to see at ours in 18 months time, some coming to the end (Kos, old swiss fella, Monreal) some just not good enough (Jenks, Elneny, Mustafi) and there’s some Emery just doesn’t fancy (Ozil, Micky from Teran). We also have 4 or 5 youngsters coming in that could be class and will be pushing to start, the future is bright.

Along with I/We at Shewore were the first blog/social media account (whatever you wanna call us i guess) to call time on Wenger, We also helped arrange large protests against the ownership and Ivan and against ticket prices with Black Scarf Movement, we were very vocal on the Clock getting put back inside the ground, we constaintly badgered the clubs social media to use “The Arsenal” instead of Arsenal and that’s before I even go into the battles I have personally had to use the proper old Arsenal logo’s that the club has tried to delete from our history. We aint no clubs patsys and never will be, we wont ever get invited to promos, we wont ever get any freebies, nor do we wont any.

But what we do is back our convictions, We wanted Wenger OUT, We wanted Ivan (what the fuk do you do) OUT, We want Stan OUT, if anyones got a few spare billions laying about (?). We also back Emery, this season he has a free pass, we knew it would be a bumpy ride this season, knew there would be ups and downs, knew the top sides may roll us over, knew some lesser sides would catch us on a bad day. It’s going to take time to clean up the mess Wenger + Ivan left us in. So those calling for Emery out really need to wind it in, enjoy the highs, expect some lows, enjoy the days with mates down the pub and at games.

We aint good enough to play with the top boys right now, But we are the biggest club in the biggest city in England and Europe, with the high match day ticket prices to boot, we do deserve better, But Emery will get it right, let’s not write him off after just 25 Prem games.

Up The Arsenal