10 Reasons Why We Will Beat Liverpool + Poss Starting XI

1) The Legend of Anfield 89 lives on strong in all of us, its the 25th anniversary of that famous night on 26th May this season, surely the only reason needed for a win today!

2) Our defence has been rock solid so far this season, Per and Kos have not lost a game they both started and completed 90 minutes on going back to 1926

3) Liverpool have a few of their defenders missing, Glen Johnson and Daniel Agger are both out.

4) Our keeper, Sir Chesney has the most clean sheets so far this season

4) Arsenal are the only team to stop Sturridge and Suarez scoring this season when they have played together, this was the 2-0 win on 2nd Novemeber.

5) The only Premiership Games LFC have lost in their last 10 have all been to teams above them.

6) Jack is rumoured to be back fit, with Ramsey injured he will be the driving force in the midfield which we lacked at Southampton

7) Suarez has only ever scored 1 goal when coming up against The Arsenal

8) Girouds song comes from a Beatles track, its fate that he will score 4 today and the away end will be singing that song, La La La Giroooooud, long into the night

9) We have scored 2 goals in each of our last 5 league games

10) Last but not least, the reason we will win today is to do with music, we all know that London’s music scene is better than Liverpool’s. We had the Rolling Stones, they have the Beatles. The Stones win hand down every time! Oh and Ray Davies from the Kinks? Yes he was a Gooner.

Likely line-up: Chesny, Sagna, Kos, BFG, Gibbs, Wilshere, Arteta, Ozil, Ox, Giroud, Cazorla

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