Wenger Blames his own make shift defence, Genius

Wenger: “We gave a poor defensive performance from the first to the last. We never felt comfortable. There was a bit of bad luck because the first [Anderlecht] goal was offside but our defensive performance was not good enough. Across the pitch defensively, we were very, very poor.”

The world and their dog knew that without reinforcing the defence this summer,every now and then this season we would get shown our arse and last night in the space of 30 minutes Anderlecht managed to score 3 against us at our home.

This type of result was coming and no-one should be shocked, but to put the blame the players solely is unfair.

Nacho Monreal is an average Left Back at best. He has been shifted into CentreBack as our 3rd choice Centreback, whose only 19 was shifted to Right Back, due to our 2nd choice Right Back from last season being on loan at West ham. Meanwhile, last seasons 3rd choice CentreBack and captain was sold and not replaced.

We only had 2 defenders not fit and that resulted in 2 players being played out of position due to lack of cover.

Wenger said should Vermaelen leave, the club will find a replacement because the Belgian is “an important player in our squad”.

Now the draw last night isn’t the end of the world, we need 1 point from the last 2 games to get the money spinning last 16 games and either way we would’ve finished 2nd in the Group.

Jurgen Klopp could pick 11 players off the pitches at Market Road and still get a draw against us. It begs belief that with 30 minutes left last night we go from having the job done and being able to rest players in the last 2 games to 2 tricky final games.

Arsene Wenger has blamed “Fatigue” after just 18 games (including last night) of this season, but to be fair we have looked poor all season.

Wenger: “I think when we lost Mikel Arteta we lost out because he was one of the few who defended well. That didn’t help”.

Mikel Arteta is as much a Defensive Midfielder as Theo Walcott is. It’s not his natural position and when he was in his prime at Everton he played in an advanced position. Wenger even bought him to replace Cesc Fabregas, who is obliviously not known for his defensive capabilities.

Matheiu Flamini is our only real Defensive minded midfielder and he came on for Arteta for the last 30 minutes, just in time to be on the pitch whilst the wheels fell off.

Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey have been poor all season. It did not come as much of a shock they stumbled and faulted for most of the game. But to be fair neither of them will ever be the best at tracking back, again like Arteta it’s not there natural position. Never has Gilberto been so missed as this current squad.

With 10 minutes to go and with the score at 3-2, Wenger bought on Tomas Rosicky and Lukas Podolski in an attempt to kill the game. The former lost the ball with his 1st touch, the later is not known for his ball retention skills. Between them, they made 2 successful passes.

The greatest shame about last nights game (apart from half the ‘fans’ in the East Stand deciding a train home at 3-2 was better than supporting the team when they most needed it) is we should be now falling over each other to declare undying love for Alexis Sanchez who was head and shoulders above everyone on the pitch.

Not only was he our best attacking player he was also our best midfielder and to quote @husaby1 from twitter “Shame he wasn’t in goal for the penalty”.

Alexis had a hand in all our goals, He was tigerish in tracking back, he ran at them with strength and control, he threaded balls with precision and accuracy and his goal was instinctive. It was like watching and I don’t say this lightly a mix of Dennis Bergkamp and Rocky Rocastle, pure class. Maybe instead of singing ‘he scores when he likes’ we should sing ‘He carries our team’.

Our majority shareholder, who has as much a clue clue about ‘soccer’ as he does for discreet hair pieces must know where we are going wrong. But does he care as long as we win the 4th place cup and get into the last 16 of the Champions League? probably not.

Ambition at anything in life must come from the person in charge, be it a company or a ‘sporting franchise’. As a club we are constantly going 3 steps forward and then 3 steps back. We resolve our forward lineup in the summer, only to weaken our back line and for too long under Stan and Wenger we have been 2 or 3 players short every season.

A strong owner would put pressure on his manager to gather together the best players he could with the money available, apart from us, we prefer to show off how much is in the bank.

A change is needed desperately at the club and has been for a number of years now. Giving Wenger a 3 year deal as manager in the summer was a huge mistake, he wont change. He will continue to be tactically naive in today’s game, he will continue to under spend the resources he has, he will continue to buy too many players who just are not leaders on the pitch, he will continue to play players out of their natural position, he will continue to  make daft substitutions, Welbeck and Ox for Podolski and Rosicky last night is a shocking example.

Wenger really needs to sit down today and listen back to what he himself said after the game, look himself in the mirror and then do the right thing ask Stan to find a new manager.


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24 thoughts on “Wenger Blames his own make shift defence, Genius

  1. mbarak

    who are you telling u wenger u knew very well that we had deffensive problems and dis buy so what are u telling us

  2. Philbet

    Possibly one of the worst articles you have ever written,did you watch the game? we were totally dominant and Cazorla had a fantastic game, we were clawed back to a draw by a young team who had nothing to lose that went for it and fortunately this time, managed to force a draw, credit to Anderlect, you have let you irrational dislike of the manager totally cloud your judgement of the game, yes we led 3-0 and eventually only drew but if this game were played another thousand times we would win 999 times, we are 2nd in the group will finish 2nd and nothing has changed, only your life has been saddened because the club you support has failed to win a football game and you felt it necessary to have another pop at it , ever question why you do this job?

    1. Robin Banks

      Philbet, there are the park bench Wengerites and there are the spunk filled Wengerites. You, you two-Bob smudge, fall into the latter.

      Please die. Please die a really painful death and l hope I’m present whilst you’re dying.

      Cunts like you shouldn’t be allowed to follow Arsenal. Apologists like you should be maimed. Nob heads like you should have a claw hammer put to their faces. Wengerites like you should have their heads taken off their shoulders.

      When l go to watch Arsenal, it’s window lickers like you l feel ashamed of that even dare to show up and pass yourself off as Arsenal.

      Cunt, fuck off and die!

      1. Leon Kingsford

        I agree with your underlying annoyance with those fans who keep apologising for the tactical ineptitude displayed by Wenger week in and week out. The man is so washed up its beyond a joke and should have left years ago when he would have left the club a legend.

        Now its just about his ego and nothing else matters anymore.

        And the myopic board of directors who are just content with running the club like a business rather than as a club who should be winning things.

        And I don’t know what game Philbet was watching but we were inept and useless on Tuesday night – the defence might have consisted of four traffic cones because it would have made no difference.

        But the honest truth is that Wenger will not be here for three years, my guess is that come the middle of the third year they will offer him a bumper deal and he will accept it and the rot will continue.

      1. Leon Kingsford

        Of course its unintelligent !

        Where is the sense in wanting a positive change for the club when we can take the easy route and just bury our heads in the sand and let the rot continue ?

        Aside from the fortuitous FA cup win last season I cannot remember too much to shout about over the last ten years under the “leadership” of Wenger.

        But then again, perhaps we should be grateful to have a manager who is paid £8 million a year to lead us to the dizzying heights of fourth place every season.

        Tell me, do you think Sanchez is going to be happy fighting for the fourth place trophy every season?

        I was shocked he signed for us anyway, a player like that should be playing for Bayern or Real and not Arsenal.

        So much potential at Arsenal being destroyed by a naive, tactically inept manager years past his best…

    2. begeegs

      The authors article is spot on. We were clawed back by a team who would probably sit in the lower echelons of the Premier League.

      The problem is that we didn’t sit tight at the back and hit on the counter, we kept bombing forward and pushing the fullbacks on when there was no need to – who is responsible for that? Wenger. Who is responsible that we are playing a left back in a position that he hasn’t ever played in before? Wenger.

      We drew (feels like a loss) last night because of an undisciplined performance which is all too common in our play over the past 10 years.

    3. GunneRay


      You my friend are blinded what was, and need get current to what is. The truth is, AW has lost his touch and cannot get to grips with the modern game (Tactically), Financially he can make a lot of money for the club but that is where it all stops. He is blinkered, arrogant and selfish to realise the obvious truth of what is going on on the pitch. Why make substitutions in the last 10 minutes of every game? That is why players are fatigued, the rotation of a the squad is absent. Add to that the fact that the squad small makes it even harder. Personally, I’m not surprised Ozil’s form dropped and he got injured. AW is past it, face it!

  3. Omar

    Every time we have a bad result, the whole world is criticizing us including our own fans, its getting boring really. We should have won yesterday but unfortunately these things happen. every single one of u who is criticizing thought the match was over at 3 0 and at the end of the day, the players are human too. It was a mistake but it happened and now we move on to swansea, no need for all the extra drama. As if its not enough that every1 loves criticizing our classy club who always do things the proper way, yet have to hear this nonsense every week from our own fans. Ridiculous

  4. silentstan

    he Did NOT blame the defence he blamed the teams DEFENDING. that is not the same. the problem last night was the idiocy of players like ramsey who left the back line unprotected.

  5. take9

    correct me if i’m wrong fellow gunners. a point gets us through to the next round right? at 3 nil we still needed to attack if we were to top the group, goal difference counts you know. 3 nil up and 3-3 at the final whistle is disappointing and inexcusable but we don’t need pundits telling us we should have closed the game by defending, we needed to score more in order to win the group. we started last night’s match second, we still second and we’ll finish the group second. the very same “expects” talking sh#%t about our team would have been first to congratulate us had we scored more goals. sometimes things don’t work out, last night didn’t go our way, we can say whatever we want but football matches don’t always work out the way every individual wants them to. we drew, that’s not good but we are still where we were when the match started and that’s where we gona finish. interesting that everybody says these sorts of things after the match, usually after a disappointing result. you want to tell me that a manager that has been in charge for over 18 years is clueless and naive? why do you think you almost never hear other managers talk crap about the other? because they know how difficult it is to win football matches, its always pundits, former footballers and commentators who will never in their lives manager a football team. again, last night was bad, very bad but hear this, we will lose other matches this season, possibly at home too. start writing your next article about how bad the team is or make peace with that and you’ll have a better time watching the team that you “support”.

  6. DarlingbudsofArse

    @Philbet: you must have also watching another game with teams in similar colours! The writer is absolutely spot on with his assessment of the game which incidentally i was watching with my family albeit in seperate rooms. The conclusions were same as the writer’s!! We play all this great football all in our own half and without bite! Anderlect bombs forward at pace and they score or threaten to score on each run! Arsene Wenger is tactically clueless and he demonstrated this again last night. He is clueless against Mourhino’s tactical know-how hence he’s never been able to beat him. He will be clueless against Swansea and against ManU. The man has a doctorate degree in FAILURE!!!! Get him out!

  7. Eni

    The writer is spot-on as it concerns Wenger, in my opinion. It is obvious to all that Wenger is tactically deficient.. Very obvious, it is!

    Even before the game last 9t, i’ve been pointing this out to my pals.. He doesn’t make changes before the 70-min mark.. And when he does, most of the time the changes are ridiculous at best.

    He has many flaws.. Why didn’t he sign a defender to replace Verm? Why? What was his excuse..? Especially knowing the extent to which the players suffer baffling injuries during the course of every season.

    Seriously, seeing Wenger in the dug-out is becoming frustrating.. He has lost it, and it’d be best for all if he can just resign.

  8. take9

    @John K, i think Arteta was taken off because he was injured, apparently he has a hamstring problem. to those who are saying the writer is right, please check the article that he published before the Anderlecht game, 10 reasons why we will beat Anderlecht and his starting 11, the only player he had in his starting 11 that Wenger didn’t was Podolski. my point here is he is blaming Wenger but he would have pretty much gone with the same line up so why blame Wenger when you yourself would have not done any better? nobody saw this result coming, including the writer so in a way he is playing with people’s emotions, he knows how pissed people and you keep saying he is right. he called it almost exactly as Wenger did so why blame others? its easy to seat and start typing behind a computer. when you lose people will talk. Mourinho parked the bus towards the end of last season, i cant remember the opponent and he managed to get a win and in many people’s eyes he was a genius, a couple of days later he did the same thing against At. Madrid and he lost, he was called all sorts of unpleasant names, all in a space of a few days. Wenger has his mistakes, too many to mention but as long as he is still in charge of Arsenal he’ll always get my support.

    1. goonersx Post author

      and Flamini…i didnt want arteta and santi starting, both had average at best games. I would of loved to of named 2 proper decent CBs and a DM, but we aint got those…

  9. franc ole

    Mr. Wenger has finally made his players to live as failure forever. He makes every one so sad to live and always think about Arsenal as your team. The man looks like its deliberate to make the team and only to come out and blame either the referee or his own players. He has killed football at Arsenal FC. He will go a long in having destroyed the team we all like.

  10. franc ole

    Mr. Wenger has finally made his players to live as failures forever. He makes every one so sad to live and always think about Arsenal as their team. The man looks like its deliberate now to lose and only to come out and blame either the referee or his own players. He has killed football at Arsenal FC. He will go a long in having destroyed the team we all like. We need to know what his plans are though the team is not ours his and his devil shareholders, stupid idiots.

  11. ARC

    I second each and every thought! But I would get rid of the board and then Wenger or vice versa but one at a time. Getting rid of both at the same time would de-stabilise the club. And for that reason Wenger has too much control in this club. There is no one who can challenge him or his principles. For such matches the club should refund the match fee. And for people like us who stays awake till 3-30 am to watch such crap, the club should write an official apology.
    Different season, same story! I hope we buy in Jan. CB, CDM and Pedro/ Draxler. If not Pedro/ Draxler we must get a CDM and CB and may be then try to bring Rues in the summer. If Wenger is not interested, I hope the board steps in and gets those players. Doesn’t matter if such transfer policies fits into Wenger’s philosophy.


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