10 reasons why we will beat stoke + Starting 11

1) Ozil is back, I know even when I write 10 reasons why we will win I get accused of being negative at times, but the thought of a fully fit Ozil (AT NUMBER 10, NOT LEFT MID !) feeding balls thro to Alexis and Theo is bloody exciting and it will destroy other teams.

2) Theo played (well he was in the pitch) against Hull and will get on the pitch at some point again today. Theo is a confidence player, he needs to play himself back into form, but when he does see reason 1.

3) Keepers – some of the best ones over the years have been slightly nuts, I kinda like them to be nuts, Chesney has that slightly nuts thing about him. But they have to be nuts in a positive manner, he will learn how to be nuts when its right to be nuts, nuts.

4) We were poor (putting it mildly) at Stoke, we always are, but Stoke have not won at ours since 1981 and we have won the last 12.

5) Whilst an Arsene Wenger side has never won away to a Mark Hughes side, a Mark Hughes side has lost every game at the bowl.

6) Stoke have won 3 and drawn 3 out of 10 Prem away games, scoring on Adv 1 goal per game.

7) The Arsenal have won have won 5 and drawn 3 out of 9 Prem home games adv 2 goals per game.

8) Ozil assisted all 3 goals when we beat Stoke at ours last season.

9) A club which has players and fans that still give Ramsey stick deserve fook all.

10) Wenger knows he hates Stoke, he knows we hate Stoke, this game shouldn’t need much of a pre-match team talk, go out there and get stuck in !

My Starting 11 – Chesney, Debuchy, Per, Kos, Gibbs, Flamini, Coq, Santi, Theo, Alexis, Giroud.


Shop – New keyrings in the shop this week.




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