10 Reasons why we will beat Man City

1) Alexis.

2) Our record is so shocking against other top 4 sides that the one day we are bound to get a win, why not today ?

3) Stoke was the best we have played all season.

4) Alexis.

5) Ozil and Theo have both had a few minutes on the pitch now.

6) The sometimes dodgy pole is likely to be sitting on the bench again.

7) Alexis.

8)Β  Kos is playing.

9) We got a hard Coq in the middle.

10) Wenger knows he must change how we set out in the big games, he has learnt by past mistakes and is going to suprise the footballing world by a slight change in tictacs, we will be tough in the tackle, not get bullied, defend as a team, both fullbacks will not get stranded upfield at the same time, we will keep the ball early on in the game, attack with pace and width, not play tippy tappy on the edge of the box and be clinical.


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5 thoughts on “10 Reasons why we will beat Man City

  1. Harshit Dang

    This article made my day!
    Interesting reasons especially the second one! :’) πŸ˜›
    We will win today! #COYG!

  2. Harshit Dang

    Is it just coincidence or are you really a psychic? πŸ˜›
    Every reason stated above are actually the reasons why we won! #COYG


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