£60 to watch West Ham? That’s an East London Robbery

Before I start, let me just say Arsenal are a disgrace. £64 as the cheapest ticket games against big teams such as Liverpool, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich. And at the top end it is over £100. The fact that we charge crazy amounts of money for Category A games is disgusting. Football ticket prices in general is disgusting. No club’s fans can try to pretend to have the high ground when it comes to ticket prices. “But you charge X” as a justification to why your own clubs tickets are so high is no justification.

With that out the way, a little rant about West Ham United.

Yesterday, prices for West Ham v Chelsea were announced. Chelsea fans will be getting charged £60. This is shocking.

Last year it was bad enough, West Ham charged teams that categorised as ‘A’ £55. This year they have raised this by 10%. What justification? GREED.

Away fans of the big clubs – Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool – have been punished for years for being successful, for having a big away following. Fans of these clubs are charged a premium as other clubs attempt to cash in on their away following, knowing that they will sell out whether you charge them £30 or £60.

I have gone more in depth to this last year in a blog about away ticket prices, where a fan following Arsenal up and down the country would be charged 36% more than a fan of Leicester. We get screwed.

West Ham charging Chelsea £60 is an indication of what Arsenal fans will have to pay for the same fixture. It is shocking.

What is most shocking is the situation West Ham are currently in. This will be the last season at the Boleyn Ground. They are clearly trying to cash in!

From next season, they will be playing at the Olympic Stadium, paying a paltry £2m to £2.5m a year in rent. This for a stadium that not only cost £537 million to build, but an additional £272 million to make it fit for purpose. West Ham have contributed around £15 million to this.

So not only are we, the London tax payer (as it is us who paid for the Olympics through an additional tax) already paying for the worlds most expensive council house, we are now being ripped off for football tickets.

On top of this, Gold & Sullivan, West Ham’s owners, have being on a positive PR mission since winning the bid for the stadium.

They have been promoting themselves as London’s family club. That they will not use the new stadium to increase revenue, but to offer more, cheaper tickets, making football more accessible for those poverty stricken East Londoneers living in their slums. Brilliant news. On paper.

So this nice little family club, who have won the lottery getting a near billion pound stadium for next to nothing, have increased their prices the year before, ensuring that they bleed fans for every penny before their move.

I would not be too surprised if next season, in their shiny new stadium, they have a big announcement that they are to reduce ticket prices by 10%. This will be greated by a massive fan fare in the West Ham loving Fleet Street Press, who will show West Ham as a brilliant example of a club reducing prices, giving a fairer deal to fans. But ultimately, what they will be making, is the season before they added 10%.

It is like a retailer doubling the price of a TV, to then only offer it at 50% off at a later date. It is a false sale. Highly illegal.

Whilst I am thinking of the Olympic Stadium. It is going to be the worst away game of next season. Pay a premium, to watch a game in a soulless stadium, a million miles from the pitch, with no boozer near the stadium for a pint. Although  I am sure the Scouser’s are looking forward to checking out what Westfield’s has to offer…

£60 to go to West Ham, surrounded by Neanderthal knuckle draggers who are still bitter about the docks closing whilst voting UKIP. Of course, I will pay, that was what I do. I moan. I pay. I turn up. I support my team. And then I moan again. I am a mug.

So West Ham, thanks for being a family club. Thanks for charging us common football fans through the nose to watch a simple game.

It is about time the Premier League banned the price fixing of football, stopped clubs have Cat A – E (in some cases) and supported a fairer deal for fans. We are not too far away from a £100 away ticket.



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22 thoughts on “£60 to watch West Ham? That’s an East London Robbery

  1. John Clowting

    “60 to go to West Ham, surrounded by Neanderthal knuckle draggers who are still bitter about the docks closing whilst voting UKIP. Of course, I will pay, that was what I do. I moan. I pay. I turn up. I support my team. And then I moan again. I am a mug”
    How pompous are you!!! You certainly are a mug among other things! .

    1. oldironbaz

      Old son when I lived in the East End you learnt how to show respect learn how to voice things if you got it wrong then yes Education time arrive. Now when I read your article the first thing I notice was your sheer crass igorence no boozers near by? Ask goggle to check out your remark secondly your statement about

      1. oldironbaz

        I was finishing about your statement on our future home god you call Neanderthal knuckle daggers please tell did you go to Eton? No your perception of what our ground will as I say our home do me one favour go to a toilet and flush your flaming head down it your the most dense thickies twat I met in years.

  2. jason

    Have a think about how much your home ground is charging you. From the obnoxious tone of your poorly written article I am assuming your an Arsenal fan, a terrible breed of arrogant arseholes. How was that transfer window for you buddy? Enjoy paying the highest prices in the league for your games you twat.

    1. Antique Gunmen

      You must be one of our stinky lily white neighbor. I wonder why are you losers still not make Bale statue to make your old stinky WHL more valuable. He made Spuds tailed us very very close for years, and you twats should honor him for that. Enjoy your world of dream, the only place where Spuds is above Arsenal, you double twat.

    2. Antique Gunmen

      I make mistake, you all twats are from West Ham. Too bad, I respect Spuds more than West Ham. Enjoy your walk in the clouds for a while before you free fall from the sky next month. But off course, it won’t be hurt because you are belongs from there. Out of ten? Am I right?

      1. englandsnumber6

        where do we begin with this one, firstly your grammar and spelling is appalling, the clue is the little red squiggles. so English is probably your second language, definitely a spuds fan then.

      2. John B

        HA HA! A German comic! You must be a big celebrity in Das Vaterland! Keep taking those language lessons, though…

  3. englandsnumber6

    WOW where do i start with this (in his own words) MUG, to start off with you are very ill informed, most if not all of what you said is wrong.£60 is cheap for a cat A game, the club don’t set the prices, it goes on prem guidelines, true we could do it cheaper but why should we, Arsenal don’t, and they don’t spend anything on players.
    And stop banging on about the OS and tax payers money its boring, we SAVED the OS from becoming a white elephant waste of money and have allowed it to regain revenue by using it for other events and sports, NONE of which will go to WHU. (you’re welcome)
    As for reducing ticket prices next season. wrong again mr MUG as fans have already paid 25% of an already agreed season ticket price.As for no pub, there are lots of bars in Westfield and will be lots of perimeter bars and vendors around the stadium like no other club in the UK. Soulless you say, have you been or did you glean this from the Telegraph reporting on the recent rugby, that i attended, by the way on my second visit to the OS the atmosphere was great, just imagine what it will be like with football mode 54k fans.
    By the way Mr MUG you are welcome to attend and experience it to, and then write a retraction of your biased blog with an apology.

  4. Mineman

    You pathetic whining makes you sound……Well, like an arsenal fan. Much as I hate UKIP, I’d rather sit with them that with middle class metrosexual tossers who deride all working people as ‘knuckle draggers’. Like I said…pathetic.

  5. John B

    Ha ha! Bitter Gooner crying into his computer… I’m a knuckle dragger who happens to come from a family of Arsenal supporters and reading stuff like that last paragraph makes me pleased with my own personal decision. That said, I’ll be at the Arsenal v Stoke game on Saturday because, say what you like about Arsenal, they do look after their corporate guests so I’m always happy to rinse them out five or six times a season. They give away so many tickets! Then back to the Bolyen on Monday night to sit aside genuine football fans of real character, wit and knowledge… ‘Soulless stadium’, you should feel right at home! Lol…!

    1. Antique Gunmen

      Yeah you are great genuine football fans of real character. You might be. Unfortunately not great football club. About that 0-2 lost, we’ll have revenge at the place your called stadium. No problem. By the way, your club should make some standings audience around Bolyen to add incomes like the old day.

  6. Roger Holcombe

    Noticeably written in my opinion by a silly Spud trying to stir the pot once again.
    Full of factual inaccuracies but then by the tone of the article I did not expect truth (or logic come to that)
    and we use a stadium obtained by due legal process not one extended or due to be because of an accidental ???? Fire which had nothing to do with the club???

  7. jack

    West Ham fan here, £60 is a joke i agree but if other london clubs are charging more for CAT A games why is it such a big deal? And I can hardly claim it as “cashing in” we’ve had the best attendance in the league last season (percentage wise something like 99.6%) so if demand for tickets is high obviously the price for games will go up. And especially being our last season at the Boleyn most games in the away end will sell out I imagine. However we do offer around 2-3 games a season at kids for a quid and away fans get that also but obviously that wouldn’t be to a CAT A game. It does sound bitter however this article! I normally like Arsenal fans as most of my family are Arsenal or Spurs (unfortunately)

  8. Goatygav

    In the same way that the media witch-hunt has done – all of the pieces I’ve read about the Olympic Stadium Rental (yes – that’s right, West Ham are not being given a stadium, they’re renting it) have been EXTREMELY selective with the facts that they’ve put forward.

    Firstly – the whole thing about the stadium renovation costs is nothing to do with West Ham and everything to do with Legacy that didn’t include football being played in the stadium. They could have built something like the City of Manchester Stadium that would have cost very little to renovate – but they didn’t. Kinda makes me smile that the Labour MP’s are up in arms about the, so called, hush-hush tenancy agreement when it was their government that was in power when the stadium design was put together.

    Secondly – take the O2 arena. The government have massively missed the trick where the old Millennium Dome was concerned. The O2 is hugely profitable now. Had they had the foresight to develop it then the government would be ‘easing’ the taxpayer’s burden with a money making public asset. Instead the O2 profits are filling the coffers of a private companies. Don’t you think that when West Ham were forced to re-bid, after winning a bid to ‘OWN’ the stadium, instead for a 99 year lease the Government can

    Number 3 – West Ham are anchor tenants only. They will have a maximum of 25 day’s use from the stadium. Other than that it will be making the taxpayer money through activities like Athletics, Concerts, Rugby an Cricket as well as being used for local community sports and social development.

    Number 4- The terms will not give West Ham naming rights, will not deliver the profits from activities like catering to West Ham. The ‘Taxpayer’ will benefit from the profits of those things not ‘Greedy’ West Ham.

    Number 5 – englandsnumber6 makes a very valid point about tax payer’s money (not sure how London tax payers are any different from the rest of the country but there you go – you make the definition to exaggerate your point I suppose). Without a footballing legacy the upkeep cost of the OS would be a much bigger burden on the public purse than not. West Ham United FC have saved the stadium from the same sort of fate as that of so many before.

    Number 6 – Why are the ‘total’ figures (£709M – or the original £537M) being included in every piece I read from the detractors of the West Ham anchor tenancy? The original £537M was spent for the Olympics. Did you think that we could hold the Olympics (which has benefitted London, and the rest of the UK both socially and financially) for nothing? By all means bemoan the £272M renovation cost, which is hardly the fault of West Ham, being spent but the original amount was spent to host the Olympics.

    Number 7 – How can the LLDC & Newham Council negotiate the best deal with bidders for future tenancy if they reveal the full financial details of West Ham’s deal? Would that be in the taxpayer’s interests?

    Number 8 – The European & UK authorities have gone over the agreement with a fine tooth-comb. If there were seedy back-handers going on do you think that these organisations would have ratified the deal? Not a chance.

    Number 9 – West Ham have won a open bid for the anchor tenancy (after they previously won a bid to own the stadium which was overturned). If the outcome of the original bid to own the stadium had have remained, and West Ham only contributed £15M to the renovation costs, then I could understand people being upset. For the anchor tenancy others were welcome to bid but didn’t.

    Number 10 – People in glass houses should not be throwing stones. Before accusing West Ham of underhand tactics perhaps some of the fans of clubs might ask questions about events closer to home (eg. Archway Sheet Metal fire).

    Personally I’m a fan of football but the spirit of 2012 was special. I’ll remember it forever and can say, hand on heart, that it did inspire my two, school aged, sons. I’m sure that there are many other kids who’ve got into sport because of the Olympics. Kids that may have become obese. Kids that now spend their time playing sports instead of hanging around the streets. I’m delighted that UK athletics will have a world class, Iconic, stadium that it can call home. If you don’t care for Athletics, that’s fine, but a helluva lot of people do. The OS has helped keep it’s profile high and will continue to provide that benefit for many years to come. Maybe you’d have preferred the Spuds to level the place and build a football only stadium but I think that would have been a tragedy.

    Now suppose the current petition gets 100K signatures, forces a debate in Parliament, the bid is reviewed and the decision overturned and a new bid is issued at which point West Ham walk away. What then?

    The whole thing smacks of sour grapes. A campaign organised by fans of opposing clubs (not the clubs themselves it should be noted). Clubs like Charlton who have been actively recruiting fans from other clubs all over Kent, like Gillingham, with cheap coach transport to their home games for many a season. I wonder if they have any idea how hypocritical that they sound. Club owners like Mr Barry Hearn who’ve done quite well out of deals for public property sell offs. Would Mr Hearn be talking about a public enquiry in to the terms of the deal if Leyton Orient had have got the ground-share deal that he was after? Not in my opinion he wouldn’t.

  9. Goatygav

    “On top of this, Gold & Sullivan, West Ham’s owners, have being on a positive PR mission since winning the bid for the stadium.”

    Heinous crime – off with their heads!

  10. englandsnumber6

    well said Gav, the difference between the “other fans” and WHU fans is we bother to read the statements and articles, commons debates house of lords interviews etc, and believe me they are boring, but nevertheless factual, so its about time other fans/tax payers et al get educated regarding all processes of this OS saga. The club and chairmen should be awarded for their foresight and bravery not lambasted by every ill informed fan/taxpayer. time to put this to bed.
    who remembers that bloke Tevez ..

  11. Los Matillos

    Just sit back lads and bask in the thoughts of our new stadium which all the Spuds and Gunners etc have helped pay for!

    1. Tony gore

      Adding to what I meant to say ,its not just west ham is it?? The price to watch any match is ,well expensive!! But if you decide to pay ?? So be it,, stop picking on one club, you silly Pollock’s.

  12. Gonner hater

    Typical derogatory remarks from another member of the most disliked fans in the land. Enjoy another season languishing in the doldrums whilst your manager sits and twiddles his thumbs. Have a bit more class instead of referring to scousers as thieves and irons fans as knuckle draggers. They most likely think you are another typical stuck up, pompous gooner twat.


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