An Arsenal fans suicide note

The last time I wrote a blog straight after a game was at Aston Villa at home a couple of years ago on the opening day of the season.  We had lost 3-1. It was a a pathetic performance from a pathetic side.

Role on a 2 and a half year and here I am. At 10.30 at night.   On a Victoria Line back to Walthamstow. Writing tomorrow mornings blog.

Part of me wants to throw myself under the train. Or drink a bottle of bleach. Or masturbate with a handful of nettles. Anything to create pain, to end the pain, of what I just saw.

I am in a bad place. A very bad place.

They say it is the hope that kills you. Well it is very close to killing me. I have started to wonder why? What’s the paint?

A 0-0 draw at home to Southampton. That follows a failure to beat Chelsea, Stoke & Liverpool.

3 points from 12.

No wins in 4.

No goals in 3.

Fallen to 4th in the league. Below that lot down the road.

City won. Leicester won. Spurs won. Even United won. We are goin from title race o being happy with 4th again!

I wish that train would come quicker. Would hit harder. To end it all. Then again. Who would play in goal Thursday night at Chingford goals? I’m needed. Get your head in gear Dan.

The fact is, in 3 transfer windows, we have signed one outfield player. And he wasn’t even in the squad tonight.

Are we being serious when we sit and say there is “no one better available”???

We bought on two subs tonight. One of them was Coquelin, a defensive midfielder. Are we the. Getting told that there is no one, in 3 transfer windows, who could have even sat on our bench. An option to come on. To improve things? 0 goals in 3 games. And there is no better.

F**k it, I’m out. Bye.


8 thoughts on “An Arsenal fans suicide note

  1. chris

    Yes but come one, Wenger fans, he is the only one who knows. The fans had it all wrong for 7 – 8 years – wanting a genuine dmf. – wanting variable tacics. wanting a better balance between artistry and strength. – wanting a top striker. But HEY the fans are just amateurs. Plus he is an embarrassingly bad loser … after HIS team doesn’t make it. 4th place yet again … and his contract will be extended yet again !!!


  2. tom

    very frustrating, but why buy and keep the lad benching, when even you saw that in the last game the guy made good passes and can shoot from range. Arsenal lacks that kind of play, we need shooters, there you easily get deflections, hand balls and too much pressure on keeper to make mistakes yet we never try that out and the reason for no goals.


  3. Melz

    While u are out here lamenting,OX was busy dancing away yesterday not considering the fact that he’s been a flop…The level of unseriousness in that team baffles me.I think the boys have no single respect or fear for wenger anymore,maybe we should deploy mourinho on them even if I dont like him.


  4. Bolaji

    Wenger is not a best coach that can lead arsnal to the great higher. i’m very sure that arsenal doesn’t have management or board member who can decide the future of the club. @bj


  5. okey Onwuagha

    You are very correct Keenosafc. People who win soccer matches do so by scoring goals. Unfortunately, we are stuck with a manager who would have been excellent in law courts as a complainant rather than in a football pitch. We got one “world class” player during this closed window who didn’t even qualify for the bench. Wenger, Wenger, Wenger the worst crime one can commit is crime of self deceit. Sooner rather than latter you will certainly become history.


  6. Uwot?

    We have a manager who can’t/won’t do/doesn’t understand tactics.simple.he just wings it.why has only ever got the better of coaches like pochetino,Maureen,koeman,Hughes even,Pepsi only once!


  7. Jamie

    We drew at home to Southampton, in a game we dominated and could have easily won. Even their manager admitted they were lucky not to get thumped.

    No win in 4, big whoop! Every team has to ride the bad moments. Get a grip, no one died. Trivilialising suicide like this is responsible. You need to get your priorities straight, mate.



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