Not Spending Costs Arsenal

As the third Aston Villa goal went in, the chants began. ‘Spend some fucking money. Spend some fucking money.’ And how right the fans were. Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat against Aston Villa should not of happened. It should of been a comfortable start to the season. Three points on the board. A good start to the season. But it was not. A refusal by Arsene Wenger left Arsenal down to the bare bones and cost us 3 points.

Yes, Arsenal (and Arsene probably will) point to some ‘bad luck.’ A fairly poor referring performances. Where Arsenal players got booked and Villa continued to put in poor challenges which went unchallenged. Playing play om for Aston Villa, only to pull the play back after they’d had their advantage, whilst being quick to the whistle when Arsenal had been fouled yet had the ball. Arsenal can point to poor luck in injuries. The class of heads involving Gibbs and Benteke. Oxlade-Chamberlain hobbling off at half-time. And Sagna being left in a crumple heap by Beneteke (The new Kevin Davies?). Also Wenger might point to iit taking 2 penalties and a break away goal to beat us. That we hit the bar (they hit the post) and we missed a couple of one on ones (which they did too) but ultimately, the reason we sit bottom of the table is due to Arsene Wenger’s refusal to spend.

During pre-season, most Arsenal fans agreed. We needed a goalkeeper whou could challenge for the number one spot. We needed a squad centre back, as we only had 3. We needed a hard midfielder to stop teams cutting through us and help out Arteta. And we needed a striker who was better then Giroud – who despite his hard work, ability and devilishly good looks, will always be a back up striker for a top team.

And we sit here, after the first game of the season, with nothing but a young striker. Who whilst talented, is injury prone and not yet ready. And the only person to blame is Arsene Wenger.

Szczesny looked shakey. When he came out for the ball in the 1st half, Arsenal fans held there breath. Whilst he could do little about the goals, and was stuck between a rock and a hard place for the penalty he gave away, you have to wonder as to whether having Julio Cesar between the posts would of given the defence more confidence. Would it of meant they did not lunge into challenges?

As mentioned, losing 2 fullbacks is unlucky. And Koscielny’s red card left us severely exposed. However, playing Ramsay at centre back and bringing Podolski on to replace Sagna highlights the problem. When we lost Koscielny at 2-1 down, had we had a centre back, such as Mattias Ginter, on the bench, we could of solidified the defence whilst still attacking. Having no other centre back option left us open. And meant a 3rd Villa goal was more likely then an Arsenal equaliser.

Thirdly, the 1st goal conceded was a direct result of not having a midfield wall. As much as Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsay are brilliant midfielders, they are not defensively minded enough. They let runners go. And they don’t commit the ‘smart foul.’ The way Agbonlahor ran through us for their 1st penalty was testament to this. At no point did we look like stopping him. There is an old saying in football. Either the ball or the man go’s past you, but never both. Agbonlahor waltzed through us with the ball. Had Ettiene Capoue been in the Arsenal red today, rather then having signed for Tottenham. Things might of been different. No waltzing through. No 1st penalty. No Aston Villa goal. 3 points to The Arsenal.

Finally upfront. Olivier Giroud is a worker. He took his goal well. But he is not title challenging quality. Good squad player, yes. The main man. No. Whilst the signing of Luis Suarez would not of changed the game, due to him being suspended, it would of given the fans a much needed lift. Or had we had Stevan Jovetic in the squad, his creativity, his option, could’ve forced us forward. We had neither.

Today’s defeat is the direct result of not spending. The worry now is this defeat, and a defeat to Tottenham, could result in the supermarket sweep type spending we saw 2 years ago, where we end up wasting a lot of money on frankly average players. The problem is the signings should of already been done.

Julio Cesar, Mattias Ginter, Ettiene Capoue and Steven Jovetic should of all made their Arsenal debut today. Arsenal should of won today. Arsenal should be top of the league. Arsenal should of spent some of our fucking money.

They didn’t. And we now sit bottom of the table. And there is only one man to blame.


4 thoughts on “Not Spending Costs Arsenal

  1. Jack Anory

    As a budding journalist your lack of correct grammar leaves a lot to be desired,Sir.
    Schoolboy error examples here incluse:. “It should HAVE been a comfortable start to the season” and “Arsenal should HAVE won”
    Never use the abbreviation ‘1st’ in a sentence when the correct word is FIRST.

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