– 3 today – has anything changed?

Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of the have been some highs and lows, some falling outs and disagreements, and just a week or so ago we hit 2,000,000 views. A big thank you to everyone who has written, contributed too, or read the site. All is appreciated.Untitled

But this isn’t a session of back slapping. 3 years ago we started the blog, and 3 years on, has anything at Arsenal changed?

I always think that She Wore a Yellow Ribbon’s place (the blog, Facebook page & Twitter) in the crowded Arsenal market place of social media, blogs and podcasts is to hold the club to account.

We are not the type of people who sit back and praise the club all for a few Bourbon Biscuits. Over the 3 years – and longer on other platforms – I think we have done this.

3 years ago, ticket prices were spiralling out of control, core fans being priced out, and a club and management structure who seem to care more about the money coming in than the trophies won.

If 3 years ago you had have said Arsene Wenger would still be in charge in 2016, many of you would have shaken your heads in disbelief. But in that time we have also ended our trophy drought with back to back FA Cups. And you feel now that Wenger’s time is coming to an end, that this will be his final season at the club.

One of the big changes in the last 3 years has been ticket prices. Over the last 3 years we have written countless articles about ticket prices. This season we have finally seen clubs help fans out. Slightly. With the introduction of a cap for away tickets, no fan will pay more than £30 to see their team play away in the Premier League this season. Arsenal have dropped this further to £26.

It is a good step, but now they need to do similar for home fans. So something has changed. But not much.

I have looked back this last couple of days at some of the first few blogs we published on this site.

Lack of Spending Putting Fans in a Negative Mindset? – This was the first blog published on this site. If it was written today, it would be equally as relevant.

Arsenal Down to the Bare BonesSo tomorrow the season kicks off with Arsenal playing Aston Villa. But who is actually left to pull on an Arsenal shirt?” is the opening line. With our problems in defence before the opening game against Liverpool, who will pull on the Arsenal shirt?

Not Spending Costs Arsenal – After the defeat to Aston Villa, I wrote this. Will I be writing similar on Sunday?

Arsenal HumiliatedWe are also nearly through the transfer window so if you take 1st July as the official start we have had six to seven weeks in which to address any areas of concern. Coupled with the fact that our CEO openly boasted that we have adequate funds to strengthen, we should by now be in a position of strength.”  But we weren’t in a position of strength. And we still aren’t. 3 years on.

The first 4 blogs of the era could have been written 3 years later in 2016. And that is worrying.

We might have won a couple of FA Cups, but we have not, as a club, moved forward, mentally or physically.


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