hits 2,000,000 views – Thank You

UntitledThank you!

To everyone over the last 3 years who have read the blog. Over the weekend we hit 2,000,000 views. Unbelievable.

When we started the blog 3 years ago, to go alongside the already successful Facebook page, I do not think it would become as popular as it has done.

In the overly saturated world of Arsenal blog’s, there are literally thousands, I do feel a sense of achievement that we have been able to get to 2,000,000 hits within our first year. Especially as we do not resort to click bait articles.

Over 3 years, we have published 658 blogs.

We try and give a reasonable point of view. A sensible view. A balanced view. I would like to think over the years we have done that for you. Highlighting the good and bad of the club, not just one or the other.

Over the years, I have written about what I want to. Random ramblings. Seeing where my fingers and mind take me. Blogs that have been well thought out, researched and planned have not been popular. Others which have been written on the spur of the moment, at 10pm at night, have proved a big hit, and some have even been picked up by the clubs official site.

I never usually bother looking at the statistics of an individual article. I write for me. As an outlet. As something to fill my time. If people read it, brilliant, if people do not, fair enough. It has never been about making money from advertising, or gaining some sort of weird celebrity status. It is all about writing for me.

When we first started, most of our hits came from aggregators like NewsNow and GoonerNews. Nowadays they are from Facebook, Reddit and Twitter.

Also a big thank you to everyone who has ever written an article for the site. Whether it is in a regular basis, a single article, or a contribution to The Arsenal and Me. We are always looking for people contribute. If you ever have anything you want to say, get in contact.

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 Thank you everyone


She Wore a Yellow Ribbon



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