Falcao to Solve Arsenal’s Problems?

Rumours are circulating that agents working on behalf of Monaco have sounded out Europe’s elite with the view of shipping out Columbian striker Radamel Falcao, who scored on his Monaco debut. Despite the hitman only signing for Monaco this summer for £50 million, it seems that the project has been vastly overestimated.

With Monaco having to pay a premium in wage’s to attract, it seems they are in a potentially similar situation as Malaga, where its own just does not have as much disposable money as first assumed. The report in Spanish paper Marca insinuates that the French club are hemorrhaging money at an unexpected rate.

Arsenal’s search for a striker seems to of stalled with the pursuit of Luis Suarez. If Falcao does come onto the market, he is certainly someone we should be interested in.

Having already bid £40m (plus £1) for Suarez, the fee of £50m will not be a problem. Falcao’s tax free wages – £270,000 per week – might be the stumbling point, as well as the reports that he might be 29 year old, rather than the 27 years he has always claimed.

Whether the rumours do turn out to be true or not with regards to Falcao’s transfer listing at Monaco, it will certainly challenge some ‘mercenaries’ thoughts when it comes to where they end up. With the financial problems at Anzhi Makhachkala, and Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba returning from China after the money did not appear, the landscape of players going for the money will change. Players will become more aware that whilst they might be getting promised untold millions on papers, actually getting that money over the length of the contract is a different story.

He would certainly solve Arsenal’s problems upfront, and provide a big boost to fans morale, which has hit an all time low.


27 thoughts on “Falcao to Solve Arsenal’s Problems?

  1. Dazzled

    1. no third party ownership allowed in the uk. 2.can’t move twice in 12 months. 3. the wages would sink arsenal. so on balance, no!

    1. wardy

      While the third party ownership would be a issue the fact he has just moved isn’t a problem (loan to buy deal with hefty signing on fee spring to mind) And we could (given our lack of activity in the transfer market ) easily pay his wages. We have money!
      the problem is Wenger spending it. 170 mil is sitting in the coffers right now with 70 mil made available for transfers this summer. We are not skint, and to think we are is directing your frustration on something that isn’t true. Facts not fiction my friend.

  2. ferro

    Total BS… and you knew that when typing this garbage. Drogba would be a terrific signing if at all possible… would be chuffed.

  3. Adah

    You journalists will one day write Arsenal into trouble. Any available player is linked to us until another club buys. How can you be linking Falcao to us?

  4. mark

    What a load of horse sh#t look we will have the to face the facts there will be no body signing for arsenal this year all they are doing is stringing us along .

  5. Osy Akpasi

    Signing Falcao is a good one, if Arsenal can pay his wages. & get a good player that can suport him as wel. els signin him will be waste if there is no good & speedy player by him.

  6. Munch55

    But the problem surrounds the true age of Falcao as records show he is probably two years older than he cliams

  7. nickynicknick

    Absolute rubbish story but also morale hardly at an all time low if you supported through the dour seasons before AW or even GG

  8. palm

    same old stories, wenger ain’t signing any player…if gustavo failed at 15£-18£ then forget any signing this window…I pray we don’t qualify for champs league that way he wont have any other choice but buy good players in jan window…arsenal are partispants not competitors since henry felt…period…

  9. John

    Nice one, I see what you’re doing here. Starting an unsubstantiated rumour to see how far it goes. Was done earlier in the transfer window by another blogger, arseblog I think, and his made up story got widely reported in the red tops.
    Lets have a laugh!

  10. Mubarak

    This transfer window has been the most astonishing to most football fans’ where anumber of clubs have not met their transfer targets’ eg Realmadrid has not got Bale’ Man U not got Fabrigas and Ronaldo’ the worst is Arsenal whose every target has failed up to now- Wenger may end up signing a wrong choice due to pressure.

  11. Pacman

    We are not signing Rooney, Suarez or Falcao people, get real, never gonna happen. Best we can hope for is Eto’o and even that is not gone happen

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  13. Stokesie

    Fans morale has hit an all-time low?!

    Talking bollocks pal – sorry. After finally getting our hands on a first trophy since 2005, I think that comment is way wide of the mark!

    Anyway, apart from that, we will not pay wages like that!

    1. Stokesie

      Right – just spotted the dates in the other posts. So time has proved you were talking bollocks!

      Why has this come up on Goonernews.com as a new post.

      Fucking idiots.

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