Arsenal set to repeat £1 Suarez bid

132It is now nearly 3 years ago since Arsenal’s infamous £40m + £1 bid for Luis Suarez that made us become the laughing stock of football.

The bid was poorly reported by the British media as they rang stories to for hits and to generally mock us. Ensuring at the same time that they did not upset the fragile Scousers who will boycott any media outlet who dare report anything negative, like they do with The Sun.article-2355588-1AA7616F000005DC-687_634x416

The true facts of the case, as brilliantly laid out in this article, are that Arsenal did what every clubs do when it comes to a release clause. Bid £1 over expecting it to be activated and allowing for talks with the target player. Liverpool played hardball, and it would have been down to Suarez to take them to court for breach of contract.

Instead, Suarez got himself a bumper new deal with an agreement that he could leave abroad the next summer.

Fast forward to 2016. Arsenal are heavily linked to Wolfsburg left back Ricardo Rodriguez. The reports indicate that he has a €25million release clause in his contract that is active until the end of this month.

Now firstly, whether this release clause actually exists is up for debate. Is it a fallacy created on Twitter that has got some steam up? On Football Manager he has a release clause, but that is just a computer game, it is not real life. On Football Manager a few years ago I signed Luis Suarez after activating his release clause!

If the clause is true, and Arsenal do want to sign him, we will see a repeat of the summer of 2013 and the bid will go in for €25m+€1.

You need to be in excess of the release clause to activate it. There is no point going in with a bid vastly over the release clause, as in theory, just the €1 above activates it.

Of course, as we saw with the Suarez / Liverpool situation, if a club digs their heels in and refuses to accept the validity of the clause, things can go wrong. However, the Liverpool / Suarez situation is the first, and only time I have heard of a club not honouring a release clause in a players contract.

If arsenal are after Ricardo Rodriguez, expect a bid for €25,000,001 to go in within the week.



9 thoughts on “Arsenal set to repeat £1 Suarez bid

  1. Liam

    ‘Fragile scousers’ you should be ashamed of yourself. That s#@$rag attacked all football supporters. Will not be reading this again.


  2. Graham

    Scouser’s did’nt stop reading Scum newspaper because of anything negative they write reference to footballing matters in the back of the newspaper but due to the frontline story it wrote in 1989. So before commenting on any story have a look in to the history.


  3. Smudger

    I don’t think you understand release clauses (despite your obvious Football Manager prowess). If a player has a release clause of £25m, then if you bid £25m, it has to be accepted. In Suarez’s case, his contract said “offers over £40m”, and so Arsenal bid £40,000,001, because why would you bid any more?


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