The Arsenal and Me – Ade’s Story

I grew up in Archway, the son of a Yorkshire man, whose love of cricket was almost as strong as his love of his family, so we weren’t a football family.

And to be honest, unlike most on here, I can’t really remember my first Arsenal game! But that’s why my Arsenal is a little different to others…………

So how did I end up a massive (arf) Gooner??? Well as luck would have it, one of my best friends at primary school happened to be Fred Streets daughter! So I was fortunate enough to start my addiction from amongst the player’s wives and the comfort of the players’ lounge, all comfy and cosseted from the real football world 

As I entered my teens I started to go to games, home and away, with my mates and this is where I found “my Arsenal”….

I could now  list all the games, finals, Highs and lows  etc etc etc  but I’m not going to, why?

Because my arsenal is more than the team, more than the trophies…….it’s the amazing, crazy, bizarre, unique people I have met in the past 35 years following AFC home and away…. The Bear, Maria and her cry, Baz with his kit, Mr Red Rolls Royce, the Mum and Daughter who I met at almost every way game I go to, Mr Beret, Bully, Big Martin, Micky B, The North Bank screamer, The internet freaks (my wife’s words not mine) the list could go on…..but you know what they all have in common???  Their love of ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB….Yes they may show it in very different ways, ways we don’t all like and approve of but they still support….they support THEIR CLUB…. THEIR WAY and that’s not wrong.

They are “MY ARSENAL”




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