Spend / Net spend of top 7 clubs over last 5 years

Was just doing a bit of research into the spend and net spend of the current top 7, thought I would share it with all.Spend

Few interesting points:

1) Manchester City have spent a hell of a money for just 1 league title. Infact, they have spent £80m more in 5 years than Arsenal have during the entire Premier League era.

2) Alex Ferguson spent his last 3 years at Manchester United spending the Cristiano Ronaldo money. Very shrewd. Moyes has spent 67.7m taking the team backwards,

3) Liverpool have a net spend similar to Manchester United, is 1 (potential) title really a success then?

4) Arsenal have pretty much broken even over the period, showing just how much we had to tighten our belt.

5) Spurs have had to sell to buy over the last 5 years as they plan the new stadium. Previous years, they have always had a commodity to sell (Bent, Modric, Van Der Vaart, Bale). Do they have the players to sell this summer to enable themselves to rebuild?

Just some thoughts really. Proper blog to come later.


All figures taken from http://www.transferleague.co.uk/



10 thoughts on “Spend / Net spend of top 7 clubs over last 5 years

  1. vp

    Last I checked , no one cares for breaking even, spend and get a title seems to be the way to go. so why doesn’t Arsenal do that ?. If there are multiple spending clubs that come and go every 10 yrs and arsenal maintains it in the black for the next 50 yrs, would it matter if they didn’t win anything but were in the black ?.

    Spending is a necessary but not sufficient criteria to win a league. sure you can get a cup here and there but not a league, it requires loads of high quality players to stand a season and that needs money.


  2. Terry white

    I`m not sure I understand the comment of VP. The whole point of this blog is that spending DOESN`T guarantee success. If that were the case Arsenal would be no where near the top four. Man City would have won the title by a mile ( & last year), followed closely by Chelsea. But then which of those two would have been wrong if the other won ?
    Too many people are unfortunately simplistic


  3. Gunner

    You can’t just spend money you don’t have VP. Man City and Chelsea have sugar daddies. Man Utd have giant coffers that we dont have and didn’t have to pay for a new stadium. Liverpool have gambled with their clubs future by borrowing the money they have spent – before there latest owners took them over they were very nearly in administration due to the overspending they did, and could well have been the next Leeds / Portsmouth.

    Arsenal have done extraordinarily well during this period, given the constraints placed on them, and personally I wouldn’t want my club gambling with its future just to try to win a trophy so that I can brag with my mates and feel good about myself. Liverpool (who admittedly play good football and I’d rather they won it than a sugar daddy club) got lucky that it worked, it didn’t with Leeds, who also spent 90 odd million more than they made. I’d rather have a stable club I can be proudof (which CAN compete financially and on the pitch in the future due to the hard work and diligence it has shown) than just borrow and hope it works out which is like the footballing equivilant of tossing a coin – heads you win the league, tails you enter administration. No thank you!


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  5. Richard Ngwa

    At last an article from an obviously-educated individual. Brief, concise and applying numerical/statistical anlysis to make a point. Not driven by shear motions.


  6. Richard Ngwa

    I am sorry this article is not for the type of people who start comments expressions like “last time I checked”.
    Where are the statistics to support this claim? Obviously cannot be bothered to share it with us or as is the case with many fans is driven by emotions.


  7. Ang Kee Ming

    is there a prize for lowest net spend? or breaking even? scrapping the bottom of barrel to console yourself? I’m an Arsenal fan but even then I had enough of 8 years of excuses.


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