Spend / Net spend of top 7 clubs over last 5 years (2010-2014)

During last season, I collated some data showing the total spend, and net spend of the top 7 clubs over the last 5 years. It provided a good insight into how each club was operating and seemed fairly popular. So I have updated it:

Net Spend

As with before, there are a few interesting trends:

1) In the last 5 years, City, Chelsea and Manchester United have a near identical net spend. So much for United fans’ claim that City and Chelsea ‘but the league.’

2) The move to the Emirates Stadium is starting to pay off for Arsenal, with an upward trend on spend over the last 4 years, showing that each year, we are freeing up more and more money.

3) Liverpool have spent a lot of money to win a single League Cup

4) Where did Everton find their money?

5) Spurs still need to sell to buy, even with the new TV deals. It further highlights why they need to move to increase income.



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