RESULTS: How Arsenal fans see the squad looking for 2016/17

So over the last week or so, over on twitter, we held a very simple poll.

Should Arsenal keep or get rid for 2016/17? Should they stay or should they go?

It was an opportunity for you the fans to have your say on the make up of the Arsenal squad for the 2015/16 season. Yes, we understand that our opinions count for very little, and the club are not going to make changes based on 1,000 votes on Twitter, but it is interesting to get the view point of fans on where they think the squad currently site.

We have split the results into 4 categories:

Stay – Players who polled over 70%. The vast majority want them to stay.

Go – Players who polled under 50%. the majority want them gone.

Maybe – Players who polled between 50% – 70%. Whilst the majority want them in, it is not a big majority. Enough want them out to question their future place.

Management – Steve Bould & Arsene Wenger


Just 15 players polled over 70%. The two surprises for me were Gabriel polling so high – I expected him to be in the maybe list, and Joel Campbell polling so low – he is the least popular player on the list.

Note: Francis Coquelin was forgotten about on the pictures. He polled 92%.

The rest are the names you would expect to be there.GOPretty much as expected this list. The bottom 6 are almost certain to leave, whether due to their contract expiring of them being pushed out. whilst I knew Giroud would be on the list, I think it is unfair on him, and he has taken a lot of the brunt of the criticism for the clubs loss in form, which has coincided with his loss in form.MAYBEAgain, everyone here was as expected. Players who have come under recent pressure for under performance, but certainly deserve another season.MANAGEMENTThe Arsene Wenger result has not surprised me. The Steve Bould one does.

Overall, 35,110 votes were cast.

Most Popular Player – Alexis Sanchez (tied with Cazorla, Iwobi & Eleneny on 96%, but gained more votes.

Least Popular Player – Mathieu Flamini (95% of people want him gone).

Overall, we have 22 players who polled over 50%. This is the basis of what the squad should be built on next season.

Goalkeeper – Petr Cech, David Ospina

Right Back – Hector Bellerin, Carl Jenkinson

Centre Back – Laurent Koscielny, Per Mertesacker, Gabriel, Calum Chambers

Left Back – Nacho Monreal, Kieran Gibbs

Central Midfield – Francis Coquelin, Mohamed Elneny, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey

Attacking Midfield – Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazorla, Alex Iwobi

Winger – Alexis Sanchez, Joel Campbell, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Striker – Danny Welbeck, Chuba Akpom




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