Defending Wenger, Re-arranged Fixtures and Jurgen Klopp

Defending Wenger

Arsene Wenger’s time at Arsenal is coming to an end. I have felt he should have left a couple of years ago. Back to back FA Cups – a remarkable achievement – gave him a stay of execution; but now is the time for him to hang up the blazer, to call it a day.

The recent march’s have been supported well and highlight fans dissatisfaction with the situation. For the most part, they have been respectful whilst forceful. But then is always a minority that spoil it.

Over the last few days, there have been some despicable comments towards Arsene Wenger and the board.

Wenger has once more been compared to Robert Mugabe – a dictator who calls himself the “Hitler of the time…let me be Hitler tenfold”.

Mugabe has overseen a period of history where hundreds of thousands of his citizens have been slaughtered, and many more displaced. His actions have been sickening.

For fans to compare the likes of Mugabe (Kim Jong Il, Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler) to Arsene Wenger is nothing short of a disgrace.

These men have overseen the slaughter, torture and persecution of millions of innocent men, women and children. Arsene Wenger has led Arsenal to 4th 6 times…

One of the march organisers attempted to condone the Mugabe comments. To justify them. And they wonder why the majority of fans will not stand alongside them when calling for Wenger to go.

At a protest last season at Norwich, arsenal fans were caught on camera holding a banner singing how they wanted “Wenger to die in May”.

Add in the wishes of death board members, and the usual cancer comments by some kid trying to pretend he is the leader and organiser of the Wenger Out march’s, it all leaves a nasty little taste in your mouth.

There are fans out their who dedicate Facebook pages to abusing Arsene Wenger. Spend 24/7 tweeting bile.

These Arsenal fans have shown no class. They have forgotten who they are, who they represent. And it is the vile comments of this minority that lead to the majority of those who want Wenger to leave, like myself, to be unwilling to go on a march, to stand next to someone calling for an Arsenal legend to die of cancer.

Any Wenger Out movement loses its point, it’s relevance, when idiots involved compare Wenger to murderous dictators and wish cancer on people.

Want him out? Fair enough. But stay classy and your voice will be heard.

Re-arranged Fixtures

Arsenal now have 3 fixtures that need to be re-arranged.

Leicester and Sunderland at home, and an away game against Southampton, with once again UEFA interference delaying the process and making it that little bit more awkward.

A national association can not schedule a domestic top tier game on the same day as a European match without firstly gaining the permission of UEFA. A load of bollocks. That means Arsenal and the Premier League can not begin the re-arranging of the above games until the draw for the QF of the Champions League has taken place.

UEFA would not stand for it being Arsenal v Leicester at the same time as Manchester City (if they qualify) are playing in the Champions League. The Arsenal game would get a lot more viewers, leaving UEFA and it’s sponsors very unhappy.

The draw for the Champions League Quarter Finals is this Friday, with the first legs being played on 11 and 12 April, and the second legs will be played on 18 and 19 April 2017.

With the TV company scheduling deciding to give Arsenal back to back Monday night games, 2 weeks in mid-April are already written off as no-go’s.

The first available date for a reschedule will be the 25/26 of April. A game sandwiched between the FA Cup Semi Final and Spurs away. The hope is Arsenal play on the Saturday in the FA Cup, then have a re-arranged fixture on Wednesday 26th, before Spurs away on the Sunday.

The week after the Spurs game is a European week, so if Arsenal and the Premier League wish to schedule a game during that week, they will need the permission of UEFA. The week after is the same.

For Arsenal to fulfil their fixtures in time, UEFA’s hand will have to be forced, as if they deny the scheduling of a fixture the same day as a Champions League tie, it leaves just one more mid-week before Everton on the final day to schedule a game. And if you have been keeping up, Arsenal still need to reschedule 2 more games

This would all be solved if:

a) UEFA were not so greedy and let national associations schedule games when they wish
b) TV companies did not do stupid stuff like have Arsenal playing away to Middlesbrough on a Monday.

As always, the last people on anyone’s mind are the match day going fans.

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp. The second coming. The greatest manager since King Kenny. Revitalising Liverpool. Resorting them to their former greatness. Or that is what the media would have you think.

In fact, as we sit here in the middle of March, Liverpool are the only side in the top 6 who have no realistic chance of a trophy.

With 4 of the top 5 in the semi final of the FA Cup (I thought the big sides did not take it seriously anymore?) and Man U still in European – and having already won the League Cup – Liverpool fans have no choice but to look on with jealous glances.

4th in the league, 11 points off top having played a game more, not in Europe and out of the cup, it will be the 5th year on the spin the Scousers have gone potless.

Not only is their season done and dusted in terms of trophies, Liverpool are also the only side in the top 6 who would not have had a trip to Wembley this season. Poor little things.

Of course, the press might decide that “4th place is a trophy” and will continue to point to their “progression” but when it comes down to it, Liverpool’s seasons is over once more before the clocks spring forward, and it is now 5 years without a trophy.

Klopp is doing a great job.


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