Arsenal vs WBA Prediction

After Arsenal’s nightmarish exit from the Champions League taking a 10 – 2 blow from Bayern Munich the club finds itself in the middle of a media and fans witch hunt. Fingers are being pointed to everyone, beginning with pressure for Arsene Wenger resignation, the question if Colombian goal keeper David Ospina should remain as the team’s second goalie and even demands for Alexis Sanchez to move to another club. Typical reaction of fans that take football as World War deal.

There is definitely a crisis, but is it enough to affect upcoming games?

The first test was the latest game for the FA Cup final stages against Lincoln, a no league club. Arsenal won 5 – 0 easily just a few days after the Champion’s game with Alexis Sanchez scoring the 4th goal. A good test to keep eyes on the Premier League were they stand in fifth position and 16 points behind Chelsea, the current leader.

A Look Further Back for Arsenal

So the Gunners took a beating from one of the best clubs in the world, big deal. It is a big deal, they fell 1 – 5 at home and 5 – 1 on the Away game. Something seems really bad on defense. Let’s take a look a few games in retrospective.

January 31: Arsenal 1 – Watford 2

February 4: Chelsea 3 – Arsenal 1

February 11: Arsenal 2 – 0 Hull City

February 20: Sutton United 0 – 2 Arsenal

March 4: Liverpool 3 – 0 Arsenal

So basically Arsenal takes a beating from clubs with big names and high class players, and Watford does not even qualify as one of those. Watford is way behind the Gunners on the Premier League, and the guns seem to be soaked with one goddam low scoring range. Fact, Arsenal has lost control of the ball in the field for recent games. The whole Champion’s deal probably has their spirit on the ground and the media aren’t helping with dirty claims of Sanchez laughing during their downfall against Bayern.

When the players sense their fans lost their faith and satanise them, their focus turns into survival for the time being, waiting for a good club transfer.

So how does all this add up to the game against WBA?

WBA Prediction

WBA doesn´t look that strong either, a typical middle table team with few goals against but neither a top scorer. Big clubs bash them around and they pull out a fight against middle table’s and small timers.

The game we are more interested is the most recent, Everton beat them at home 3 nothing.

But guess what? WBA has won all of its recent games at home, while they lost or draw away games.

January 14: Tottenham 4 – 0 WBA

January 21: WBA 2 – 0 Sunderland

January 31: Middlesbrough 1 – 1 WBA

February 4: WBA 1 – 0 Stoke City

February 11: West Ham 1 – 1 WBA

February 25: West Brom 2 – 1 Bournemouth

March 4: WBA2 – 1 Crystal Palace

March 11: Everton 3 – 0 WBA


And WBA will be playing a low morale Arsenal at home. Normally this would be an easy prey for the Gunners but they find themselves in their worst condition ever with a strong local.

Prediction is one of the most respected online sources for Premier League predictions, their bet is on WBA to win this match with 35% chances 2 – 1.

After seeing Arsenal dispatch Lincoln, and taking into account they still got some fancy collection of players that want to make a wrong a right, betting against the Gunners sounds quite stupid.

Statistical bettors will go with historical data that says teams in crisis are most likely to lose to stable teams like WBA that win at home. A little bit risky but with some smart betting, and the odds might pay well.

Another perspective will be to expect an Arsene Wegner winner speech in the dressing room remembering their players they are still on track for the Premier, and they need to proof diehard fans they are the mighty Gunners of old. This is the prediction we are betting on, Arsenal will play like the Gods March 18th and hole that WBA goal with 3+ goals. To see the Gunners seek out glory and view all their matches on different types of competitions, you can enjoy football coupons at William Hill page to make a killing at the bookies.

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